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So after 12 years of being a loyal Sprint customer I can not understand how they can not take care or explain why if I add a line the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will by $15... But if I upgrade an eligible line it will cost $30..This doesn't seem ok. You'll take care of someone to get them to join Sprint but not take care of your loyal customers. So the alternative is to go to another carrier who is offering an incentive to join with them.


Sprint Employee

The reason new customers are offered these types of promotion is to help new customers make the decision to join Sprint and helps to cover the COST/HASSLE of switching carriers: (out of pocket, up front phone costs, switching fees, advance billing, & early termination fees) Sprint has very competitive offers and provides the best value in wireless for all of our customers. New and loyal customers are also eligible to add a line for the  Samsung Galaxy Note 10 for $15.

Sprint Social Care

I have a similar situation!  I have been with Sprint for 20+ years.  I have asked for many now, how does Sprint not look out for their loyal customers.  It's great to get new customers, but better to keep customers!

As a long time customer, I have just recently received an offer to get an iphone 11 for $200 off.  So I decide I will do it for both of my kids that have iphone 8's.  After several attempts, online chats and a call, I find out the offer is only good for one of my kids' lines.  Not the other.  And not mine.  These are all on the same account!!  The iphone 8's were started at the same time!  Why would you offer one but not the other?  The response was to "upgrade one and wait for an offer on the other".  Who knows when/if that will come through.  As a parent, how is this a "sane" option??  After a long call and getting to a supervisor, I'm told the best they can do is put together a message to another department and I should hear from them in 3-8 business days. Who knows if it will even be considered or if I will actually hear from them.


How is this good business?



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