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Post August 2 Merge: What Happens Here?


Post August 2 Merge: What Happens Here?

Once the August 2nd merge has been completed with T-Mobile, what will happen to this website? Will we still be able to log on to


Also, what will become of Safe & Found, as well as the ability to purchase associated devices for it?



Sprint Social Care

Hey! As Day 1 of the merger approaches & as it relates the website ( See below: 

1) You be required to type you will be redirected to

2) A message will then prompt you to know if you are a Sprint customer, select continue to Sprint for authentication.

3) You are then asked to enter your email, phone number, or username.

4) Once information is inserted select next to be routed to the proper channel for log in and account access.  If it matches, then you will be presented the login page.

5)  A redirecting screen will validate the information and take you to the appropriate website for log in.

6) Log in page will pull up for you to then enter your credentials to log in.

7) Once logged in you will see the new Home or Base Landing page.

  1.  (8/2 - coming soon)
  2. You will select My Account and My Dashboard to go to the main page to select your device with the magenta T-Mobile/Sprint Family message.
Sprint Social Care

As for Safe & Found, for now that's going to remain as is till further notice.

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