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Repeated password resets? Never receive your code? Please post here!

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Repeated password resets? Never receive your code? Please post here!

Update: Sprint has updated Sprint.com account password requirements.  You may be prompted to reset your password when you login, even if you have reset it within the last 6 months.   The new Sprint.com password requirements are:

  1. Minimum 8 characters
  2. Maximum 33 characters
  3. Must include at least one of each:
  4. Capital letter
  5. Number
  6. Special character
  7. You cannot reuse a previous password.

Sprint.com Login Process

In order to protect our customer's information online, Sprint has implemented some new login procedures for My Sprint accounts.  I'm going to post a mini FAQ here that explains what is normal and what might be a problem which we will want to look into.  If you're coming to the thread for the first time, please read each question and answer before posting.


I was asked to change my password.  Is this normal?
If you have not changed your password or logged in to your account for a long time (typically months), you will be required to change your password.  You'll be required to verify that you are an account holder by inputting an SMS code and answering some security questions, after which you should be able to choose a new password.  In very rare cases, you may be asked to visit a store with two forms of I.D. in order to reset your password.


I am being asked to change my password every time I log in.  Is this normal?

You should only have to change your password one time.  If you're asked to change it every time you log in, we need to know about that.  Please post here if you would like assistance with this issue and we will contact you.


I am being asked to verify a code sent through SMS l when I access or make changes to my My Sprint account (2 factor authentication). Is this normal?

Customers may be prompted to complete 2 factor authentication through SMS when logging in, viewing the website or performing activities in their My Sprint accounts.  This is normal and has been implemented to help prevent fraud.  


I used to be be able to receive the verification code by Email.  Why can't I do that anymore?

Due to some security concerns, the option to receive the verification code by email has been temporarily disabled.  We'll re enable it as soon as we are able to alleviate those concerns.


We apologize for the inconvenience of the 2 factor authentication system.  A different method of verification may be released in the future but for now, you may be prompted to verify, sometimes more than once in a session.



Please post in this thread if you are experiencing any of the following problems:


-  Repeated password resets: If you're being forced to reset your password every time you login, the web team would like your information to look into the issue.


- Unable to reset password.  If you are not receiving the code or email or have another issue which is preventing you from resetting your password, please post here.  Exception: if you are asked to visit a store and present I.D., this situation is not a system issue.  Though rare, some customers may need to complete this step.  You should only have to do this one time.


- You never receive a verification code through SMS or email:  If you never get the SMS or email, we will want to verify that we have the correct information on file for you and that you are able to receive the messages we send,  If you requested the information via email, please check your spam folder.  Sometimes Sprint emails can be routed there by mistake.



In order to help those customers who are having verified issues accessing thier accounts, we ask you respond here only if you are having one of the problems listed above.  If you are sharing feedback about the 2 step verification experience, the Community Managers and Moderators may merge those threads and comments with other existing threads on the same topic.


Sprint Community Manager & Customer Advocate
Captain of the Vicious Cream-puff
I encourage you to post your questions on the community, give Kudos when earned and always mark the correct answer as "Accepted Solution".

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MtnWoodsMedia17, what happens when you click the link to reset the Sprint.com account password?


jessy_el, for security purposes, we are now sending our customers a 5-digit verification code via SMS, is it asking you to reset the password after you enter the verification code?


Sprint Social Care Team.

Yes, it asks me to reset my password after entering the verification code.

Thanks for the information jessy_el. Now, once you change the password and logging again, does it ask you to change the password again?

Sprint Social Care

What do I need to do to get this resolved? I'm texted a pin to login and then have to change my password each &  every time I've logged in for the last 3-4 months. It's getting REALLY annoying.


What I'm experiencing:

- login

- getting prompted to check for 2FA pin

- getting prompted to change my password (again)


Relevant details:
- Windows PC that I've logged in before

- Google Chrome, Version 60.0.3112.101 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Hi laygo. Have you attempted login in on another device or web browser?

Sprint Social Care

*Raises Hand* 


Tried to reset my password, and says my information is wrong.  Spoke with Sprint Customer Service, and they confirmed it was right; still says information is wrong and locks me out for 20 minutes.  


I tried multiple browsers (IE/Chrome), wiped cache, stopped adblockers.  Did a rain dance, and sang a gospel.   Your website still won't work.


They told me to go to a Sprint store to get it reset.


That's silly.  Can you help get my password reset please?  Thanks.

Good afternoon LrdVorn, thanks for taking the time to bring this up. We'd be happy to assist you, please check your inbox I sent you a Private Message.


Hi PCG_Centipede. I read that you don't have a Sprint phone yourself, so you are unable to receive the verification code. However, at this moment the only method that we are using to send the code is via SMS and as mentioned above, we we'll re enable the option to received it through email as soon as we are able to alleviate those concerns. Regarding the issues with the express Payment functionality I will be sending you a Private Message to take a deeper look.







Sprint Social Care

Hello!  Whenever I log onto Sprint, it requires a verification code and asks me to reset the password every time. Very annoying, please get rid of this for me please.


Hey! Thank you for contacting us with this concern, by any chance, do you happen to have Java disabled?

Sprint Social Care

3 days ago I logged in to order new phones because my phone is DEAD, and had to change my password. I was able to get in via having PIN emailed to me. Now remember, I don't have a working phone.....So, 5 times yesterday, the site prompts me that I have to get a PIN sent to my phone. It doesn't offer me the email option any more. I did get the phone on order, but I can no longer get into my account, because I cannot have a PIN sent to my phone (remember, I don't have a working phone). So now, I cannot pay my bill online, I cannot check the status of my phone (a whole other problem with the 8 plus) order...So how am I supposed to get into my account. I just tried it again....same thing......


Thank you for bringing this situation to our attention, in order for you to have the code In this case, you can visit the closest Sprint store and they will be able to help you immediately, I can also submit a ticket to our Web Support Team in order for them to provide you with further assistance, is this is your choice, I've sent you a private message, please respond at your earliest inconvenience.

Sprint Social Care

I have never received the security code via text (my cell is also my google voice#).  Not given an option for an emailed code.  Very frustrating.  Unable to access my account or pay my bill.  I do not have access to any cell service or phone service where I am (travel/job) thus why my phone is also my google voice number.  All texts i receive are emailed to me but I have never received the security code from sprint.  VERY FRUSTRATING!  I would like the email option but that is not displaying.

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