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The web site has had a wrong email and wrong address for me.


The web site has had a wrong email and wrong address for me.

I have had several odd issue with sprint web site showing incorrect email addresses and snail mailing addresses.  In both cases the email and snail mail addresses had nothing to do with me or my past email or snail mail address.  The snail mail address was a specific address in Houston TX.  NOTE:  I have never lived in Texas.  I had problems "verifying" who I was when I tried to reset my password or create a new log in because it was expecting a TX zip code. 

Once I  created a new login (with the help of the online chat support),  I tried to change it in as many places as I could. 

 I  ended up buying a new phone this morning (I started the process last night) and it almost got shipped to the completely erroneous TX address!   Apparently, even though I changed my billing address to the correct one, the shipping address was still wrong.  Why does my account keep getting filled with completely random and unrelated email and snail mail addresses?  BTW,  you always send the bill to the correct email even when "account" email goes to someone I have never been associated with. 





Sprint Employee

Hello! This shouldn't be occurring. I'd like to make sure we have everything correct in your account. Send me this information in a private message:

- Account holder's name.

- Phone number.

- Security PIN or the answer to the security question. 

- The E-Mail address you have set up with us.

- The Mail (billing address). 

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