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Use My Account to retrieve Text Message History! (Sprint Employee Post)

Sprint Product Ambassador

Use My Account to retrieve Text Message History! (Sprint Employee Post)

Hey Everyone!


I recently received a message from a friend seeking how they can find their text message history on their account. It can be a complicated process, so I wanted to drop a quick post about it for anyone else potentially seeking the same info.  You must have an "account holder" provisioned login account on to access this content. If you do not, please speak with your account holder. 


First, a few disclaimers:  

  1. You cannot access the content of the messages. You can only see the date/time, phone number, and direction of text message. 
  2. Text Message History is limited to 90 days
  3. Unbilled usage is not available. If a bill is not yet available for the period of time you're searching for, it is considered unbilled. You must wait until the bill posts to see the history.


How to access Text Messaging History on

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click Sign In
  3. Once account loads, scroll down to “Your Bill” section
    • Your Bill.png
  4. Click “See My Bill”
  5. Once the next page loads, you will see your bill payment details, click “Calls/Texts”
    • Selection1.png
  6. On the next page that loads, it will default to the Voice history of that user
    • If you have multiple lines on an account, click the mobile number drop-down and choose the number you’re looking to see history for
    • Change the Voice dropdown to “Text”
    • Change the bill cycle date in the upper left to the time period needed (Unbilled usage not available for viewing)
    • The list will then show incoming/outgoing Text history (NOTE: It does not show details of the message, only the number to/from, date, and time)
    • selection2.png
  7. The list defaults to only 50 of the first incoming/outgoing text messages during the time period
  8. Scroll down to the end of the list and click “Load 50 more” to retrieve more results. This can be done multiple times to retrieve the entire month (It takes a long time if there are a lot of messages, trust me!). 
  9. Once you’re done retrieving up to the time period you want, click “Back to top”
    • Top.png
  10. Then, once you’re back at the top, click “Download Call Detail”
    • Detail.png
  11. This will download an Excel Sheet that you can then sort through at your convenience.
    • XLS.png
  12. Repeat for any months needed for the history (There is a 90 day limit on text message history, however).


If you want a more official way to do this, you can access this LINK to download and submit a request form. This can be used to obtain the information above; however, the steps are longer because you must get it notarized. Also, you must be the account holder to do this. 



I hope this helps! 



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