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Verification Code Issues


Verification Code Issues

I'm another one with Verification Code issues.


The ONLY phone line on my account is a Sprint Phone Connect device.  It is has NO messaging capabilities.


The My Sprint app is useless for actually managing your account for anything other than looking at your bill or upgrading your device (THAT they make super simple...)


I have been passed around to multiple agents via chat with no solution beyond "I can't do this, let me transfer you to a specialist," and then I have to go through the entire exercise again.  The last agent I got transferred to never even chatted with me.


So again, I need to have these verification messages sent to either a different phone number or to the email on the account.  Why is this so difficult?


Hey, as you're unable to change your preferred method to Email I would advise you visit a Sprint store to be further assisted.


Correct.  I can use the app, as you said to check my bill, and thankfully, I was able to upgrade my device before I lost my online access (due to, I think, someone screwing around with my account, changing my email while being "helpful") so I'm good there, but I can't log in via PC to actually accomplish anything.


Someone also just gave my the helpful advice to go into a Sprint store, but considering I live in a crowded major city, there's a pandemic on and I'm one of those high-risk individuals who isn't supposed to leave the house THAT'S NOT HELPFUL, people!!


Yep!  That's pretty much where I'm at.  Hopefully, nothing comes up in the immediate future, or at least until it's "safe" for me to venture out again, then I'll try a Sprint store to see if they can fix this. 


Thanks again for responding.  Good to know it's not just me!

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