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netgear 6100D unusually slow


netgear 6100D unusually slow

I have an old 803s hotspot, and would typically get 5Mbs u/d speeds. I recently got one of these 6100D routers to test and was quite disappointed with the speeds, which were typically under 1Mbs.  I have a sprint tower maybe 1.5 miles away.  After looking online I found a few comments that people were getting faster speeds with the 6100D if they disabled certain bands.  I tried this myself and got better results, yet I'm disappointed in this this device, since it is supposedly a sprint spark capable device.

To disable specific bands:

#1. you need to get the msl for this device.

#2. after you have your msl, you'll need to use ie11, or possibly chrome (firefox and ms edge won't display the info correctly)

#3. go to: and enter your username and password (default is admin, and password)

#4. On the left hand side click on: settings then the network tab. At the bottom is a button for "advanced settings". When click it, a box pops up requesting the MSL. I made band 25 priority #1 and disabled band 26 and 41 (this made a huge difference for me but ymmv)

here are some tests that I ran with all bands enabled, some disabled bands, and some tests with bands 26 and 41 disabled:

test #1. 1 bar

band 25 (priority 1)

band 41 (priority 2)

band 26 (priority 3)

upload: 2.08Mbs, 4.84Mbs down

test #2. fluctuated between 2-3 bars

band 41 (priority 1)

band 25 (priority 2)

band 26 (priority 3)

up: 0.92Mbs/ 2.12Mbs down

test #3. fluctuated between 2-3 bars

band 26 (priority 1)

band 41 (priority 2)

band 25 (priority 3)

up; 0.50Mbs/ 0.50Mbs down

test #4. 1 bar

band 25 only (others disabled)

up: 4.34/ 5.75 down

test #5

band 25 (priority 1)

band 41 (priority 2)

band 26 (disabled)

up: 3.4/ 4.42 down

test #6 1 bar

band 25 only (others disabled)

up: 8.68/ 5.56 down


Re: netgear 6100D unusually slow

please move it back to the forum I posted it in.  I posted that as a discussion topic, I don't want customer support help.

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