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Don’t Delay. Nextel customers must move before it’s too late


It’s crunch time for undecided iDEN/Nextel customer with less than 30 days until the Nextel Network shutdown set for June 30, 2013. If a you do nothing to proactively move your line prior to12:01 am on June 30 your phone will no longer work - including 911 calling, you will lose their phone/PTT numbers and your line will automatically be cancelled.

If a you want to keep their phone number -- either staying with Sprint or move to another carrier -- it’s important you take action NOW and NOT wait until the last week of June as it can take several days to fully complete the move.

We recommend placing migration orders no later than 3pm on Friday, 6 /21 to ensure you will have enough time to:

1. Receive any shipped order/new devices and accessories

2. Charge the new equipment batteries

3. Process the network change/swap

4. Set up and program the new phone voicemail, data, contacts, other preferred settings,  etc.

At the end of the month there can be unexpected shipping delays, longer call or store wait times, or temporary outages of in stock device choices which also add to the urgency of moving as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT: if you want to keep your phone number should ensure that you are completely moved off iDEN by Friday, 6/28 and therefore avoid the 6/29-30 weekend iDEN network cancellation activities.

Note:  PowerSource customers who have the hybrid devices (ic402, ic502, ic802, and ic902) that combine a Sprint CDMA voice/data  with Nextel push-to-talk will not be cancelled at shutdown as these customer can continue to use their current device  post 6/30 just without the PTT service.   If you have PowerSource devices,* the push-to-talk feature will no longer work; however, these devices will retain their voice and data capabilities.

We urge you to contact your Sprint Sales Representative or Dedicated Care Specialist or call 800-927-2199 today to discuss our generous device offers and migration assistance that we can provide to ease your transition.