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Network Improvement Maps from Sprint

Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint has recently taken on a new initiative to keep customers in the loop about service and coverage developments. allows customers to track 3G network improvements within the past 6 months, as well as see planned upgrades for the next 6 months.  The 4  major improvements illustrated by the Sprint network site are: voice  upgrades, data capacity upgrades, data speed upgrades and new towers. This site allows you to see the 3G network improvements we have made in the last six months and planned 3G upgrades in the next six months in a specific market or around a particular address or ZIP code. The tool also helps show a very important dimension of improvements - capacity. Capacity improvements can have a direct impact on your experience on our network – enabling faster data connections and improved call quality.

We invite you to visit the site and check out the improvements Sprint is making in your area. Not all towers require an upgrade and are shown. Only towers on the Sprint 3G network and Nationwide Sprint Network are reflected.

So, what does all this mean to you?  You'll see

  • Voice upgrades: You’re more likely to get clearer calls with fewer dropped connections.
  • Data capacity upgrades: You’re more likely to get a fast data connection, even when many people are connecting at the same time.
  • Data speed upgrades: You’re more likely to get faster consistent data speeds for uploads, downloads and web surfing on your mobile device.
  • New towers: You’ll get expanded coverage and roam less, which means you’ll have better battery life, too.


Some of you have asked about increasing coverage.  Capacity and coverage  are not always correlated. With the exception of “new towers”, these  enhancements are not likely to improve coverage. However, customer  experience within our current coverage should be improved.    Network Vision and LTE rollout is not (yet) shown on this map -- as we get closer to deploy dates, we will be enhancing the maps to show these new network improvements.   As always, stay tuned to the Network and Coverage blog for more information.