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Posting about a problem with your call or messaging service? Pls read this!


We receive a good number of posts from customers experiencing problems with their call or messaging services.  While this is not a public forum and most Sprint employees working the forums do not have access to the systems to investigate and resolve the issues, we may be able to help trouble-shoot them.  In order to do that we need more information than what most customer are including in their posts.  So if you want to tell us about your problems, please include as much of the following as you're willing to share.  Please start a new discussion as the blog comments are not getting as much attention and visibility.

  • What is the nature of your issue (e.g., blocked/dropped calls, no service/change in signal level, delayed voicemails/phone not ringing for incoming calls, delayed text messages)?  Describe what is happening.
  • What is your phone?
  • Have you recently gotten a new phone?
  • Have you updated your device to the latest software/firmware/Preferred Roaming List (PRL)?
  • Have you checked your coverage at and is the result 'fair' for your location or is it in a fringe area?
  • Has the problem suddenly started?  When did it start?
  • Have you recently moved to a new location?
  • Where are you experiencing the problems? Inside of your home, outdoors while driving, or inside and outside of a specific location? What's the location's zip code?  If you feel comfortable sharing address  or street intersection, please include.  With that information we can  look up the cell sites closest to you and see if they have experienced  any outages, or if tickets have already been submitted for them.
  • Is the problem occurring everywhere?  Note if everywhere, then it is most likely a handset issue as it's unlikely that all towers/cell sites are not processing calls/voicemails/text messages properly.
  • Have you received any error messages?  If so, what are they?
  • Do you know if other Sprint users are having the same problems?
  • If you're not receiving any texts, have you checked that texts are not blocked on your account?  You can do so by logging into your account and looking under My preferences.

If you'd like for us to submit a trouble ticket on your behalf, please send me a private message from my profile page with answers to the above questions as well as the information below.  Do NOT share your contact information in posts!

  • Your first name
  • Your last name
  • City, State, Zip
  • Alternate contact phone (i.e. home phone, work phone, or other than impacted wireless number where we can reach you to get updated information about the location if needed):
  • Your email address (for alternate contact pPurposes)
  • Sprint phone number of the impacted device(s)