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Sprint Coverage Tool Enhancements


There are new enhancements to making it easier for you to view Sprint's network coverage, including Sprint 4G LTE. The new tool aims to help you by clearly showing Sprint 4G LTE,  Sprint 4G (WiMAX), 3G and roaming data coverage down to the street level.

Additionally, you are now given the opportunity to select a device while exploring network coverage. By selecting a device, coverage will be displayed based on that device.

Tab options (Voice, 4G, 3G & more, Direct Connect) will change to (Voice, Data and Direct Connect).

Data Tab: Coverage filter added in Legend (National View)

  • 4G coverage dot will represent both Sprint 4G (WiMAX) and Sprint 4G LTE coverage
  • Filter option under Data Coverage Legend heading added to allow you to see All, Sprint 4G LTE,  Sprint 4G or Other Coverage
    • For example, select Sprint 4G (WiMAX) coverage -only see the WiMAX footprint
    • New color added for Sprint 4G LTE and dots on the map indicate the markets launching/launched 

Device Selector provides capability for you to view coverage specific to a device

  • If not logged into your profile, you will have to opportunity to select a device to check coverage specific to it.
  • If you are logged in as the account holder, you will be able to select a device from your account

Check out the enhancements here.