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Lousy Coverage, with no Support.


Lousy Coverage, with no Support.

Have been with sprint for about 7 years (on and off). I live in RDU (Raleigh Durham area, NC) and coverage in Durham (where I live) isnt that great. Specifically in my house and neighborhood coverage is terrible.

-Calls can only be had near windows (which even then are still choppy)

-3G speed is an unusably slow 0.45mps

-2 bars of 4G can be found at the top floor of my home facing south out of my window, which even then I only get 1.4mps

-4G/3G coverage remains deathly slow all around town, never peaking over 3-4mps.

I have contacted sprint with this matter multiple times and each time they say they will let their cell tower technicians know about it. Even my family member who also has contacted sprint has been given the same run around.

We think it might be a good idea to get an Airwave ("Network Extender"). I contact sprint and answer some questions about service and we qualify. Except you have to pay some taxes each month or something.

Also the rep tells me that all you need to do is plug it in to power and plug in an Ethernet cord.

Wait what? I thought this was an extender? Nope it uses my own bandwidth and internet to create a make shift sprint tower. Thats useless to me!

What am I doing wrong? Should I have switched to the framily plan (which throttles your speeds during high traffic)? Can I switch back to a standard plan? Does anyone know how Tmobiles coverage is in RDU? Does Tmobile pay for your device payments? Is spark ever going to come? Is there a true network extender/ antenna I could get?

PS: Its funny when I call sprint the rep 7/10 times will say something like "we've recently upgraded the cell towers in your area for enhanced reception and speed" Bunch of BS!

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