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Terrible cell service in Seattle

Journeyman sfg

Terrible cell service in Seattle

I recently moved to Seattle, WA, from Eugene, OR, and have had nothing but terrible cell service ever since arriving. I never would have guessed that a major city like Seattle would be worse than Eugene! Calls that I make or receive within my home constantly drop. (I work at home so it's critical that they don't drop. My wife almost missed a critical work call because she got voice mails several HOURS after the fact!) Between 1-2 bars on the regular, with "1x" service, either at home or out and about. We have Wi-Fi Calling enabled, which helps a lot when we're at home, but I'm afraid that it's eating up our Comcast internet bandwidth--and anyway, I shouldn't have to depend on piggy-backing Wi-Fi for cell phone service that I'm paying for.


This is not just my phone but my wife's, so it's not an issue limited to my device. We each have an iPhone 6s, and they are up to date on iOS and carrier settings. This seems to happen wherever we go in the city, so I don't think it's limited to my local tower. I made a report through Sprint's "Report a network issue" page the other day and again just now, but I have no idea if any action was taken. Nothing has changed. The coverage map for my address shows 5 bars / "Best" for voice coverage experience, which has never been true here.


What else can I do besides report it ad nauseum? I'll call if I have to, but am afraid that if I call, they're just going to just have me reboot the phone (as if I haven't done that a million times). Have been pretty happy with Sprint up to this point, for roughly a decade, and then this all started. Thanks!


Re: Terrible cell service in Seattle

post the zip code and closest cross streets to the main area you see this so an agent can look into it. wifi calling is the sure fire way to get inside reception carrier can guarantee how well your phone will work while WFC came into play to help with that..i use it daily at my home for this exact reason. you have to weigh out your options..bandwidth or get your calls in a timely manner? for now until an agent is able to look into it i would use the WFC so you dont miss any calls.
I like many others come onto this site for assistance and to help others. Marking a reply as helpful or correct helps others with like issues when they try to search the site for assistance. I do not work for Sprint and my suggestions and or opinions are my own. *************************************************************************************************************

Re: Terrible cell service in Seattle

Don't bother posting your location, I assume your problem extends away from home like mine.  Seems like Sprint worked for you in your old area.  For me AT&T worked fine but I moved to Sprint saving some cash and regret it.  Everywhere my phone was perfectly fine before is a "1x" deadzone on Sprint.  Bullcocky that they are within 1% of AT&T/Verizon.  So sure my bill is lower but my phone is pretty useless a majority of the time I need it to work so really not much of a win.     

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