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3G Service Outage in 85345


3G Service Outage in 85345

I called in and was told of a outage in the 85345 area.  Can anyone confirm this.  I absolutly have no 3G what so ever.


So customer service won't help because I'm "rooted"?  wtf  In this day and age with the XDA Devolopers forum you would think that this wouldn't be a problem.  Boy was I wrong.  Looks as though Sprint is dropping the ball on a little education that can be looked at.  Everyone on the XDA site is pointing this error to Sprint and not me being rooted or anything.  This is total BS. 


Pissed off Customer


Re: 3G Service Outage in 85345

Thanks for reaching out! I currently see there is a known issue in the area. We have techs on-site working to resolve the issue with 3G data, we appreciate your patience during this time.


Social Media Care Team

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