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3G Svc in Baton Rouge, La... AGAIN-


3G Svc in Baton Rouge, La... AGAIN-

Would you please look into the issue in this location and adv on any upgrades or even if Sprint knows about the majority if the issues in Baton Rouge, I'm told theyve made upgrades and sometimes the 3G svc works but the majority of the time it does not. I've also noticed that late at night the data svc is blazin fast (usually 1MB or faster download) but as morning rush hour and midday sets in the downlink slows to sometimes 3-10 mbps or less and pings are in the 1000's.

Please respond when possible.



Re: 3G Svc in Baton Rouge, La... AGAIN-

bigboi0000, thank you for your post. We have had a few upgrades in Baton Rouge in the past few months that will improve voice and data coverage. I am also showing that we are working on more upgrades in the future to address the above mentioned issues. If you wish to get more detail on what's going on with our network in your area you can check out Entering in an exact address will allow for you to see detailed information on where exactly improvements will be made. Thanks for your business.

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