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3G quality drastically lower, time to say good-bye to Sprint


3G quality drastically lower, time to say good-bye to Sprint

Anyone else trying to use Sprint 3G data and  disappointed with coverage?  I've been a loyal and satisfied user of  Sprint's data cards/mifi for years, but quality the last year has  dropped significantly in Utah and everywhere I've traveled.  I have a Palm Pre, Mifi, and Epic 4G and I have similar poor 3G coverage on all three, so it's not my device.  I've  noticed quality late at night is fine, so I'm thinking it's a capacity  issue with so many more people jumping on the mobile data bandwagon.  It's sad, because I loved my Mifi so much I had stopped using free hotel / airport Wifi, and I was getting so excited about using Mifi with my iPad, I was walking around the airport watching streaming movies on Netflix . . . but I think everyone else started trying the same thing, and the system just doesn't have enough capacity for all of us, and now I often can't even surf the web reliably on Sprint's 3G.

I finally  got around to calling tech support Saturday, and I spent hours jumping through  their hoops to get a ticket created.  We measured connectivity around Utah from nothing to 1.5 Mbps (at my home--where I don't need good 3G), with the average about .5  Mbps.  In my opinion, anything below .5 isn't usable for web surfing or video watching, and we saw plenty of areas below .5, many where I couldn't even load  So far the ticket looks like it's going to get a summary "we see no problems", at which point I'll simply switch from Sprint to Verizon, hoping for better quality.

By the way, I travel a lot, so I've seen the poor coverage all over the US, particularly in Utah, NY & SF.

For  those of you who either have data cards / mobile hotspots, or heavily  rely on your data phones for web browsing, are you happy with Sprint for that, or have you had the same experience I have with great 3G coverage up until the last year?

If anyone from Sprint is reading this, my latest ticket is 18757925110517.  I expect the engineers will close it today or tomorrow and say "everything's fine, must be user error".
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