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4G LTE???


4G LTE???

When will 4G land in milwaukee? I have a 4G LTE phone and i cant use regular 4G so i need 4G LTE and no less.


Re: 4G LTE???

You can get notified about LTE coverage  by signing into this site



Re: 4G LTE???

Its really getting annoying how you guys just keep pointing us to the direction of the website to tell us when MIlwaukee is getting 4G.  Just be honest with us.  It is pretty ridicolous how much money I pay a month to not even have ok 3G let a lone absolutely no time frame for 4G.  Dodging the actual question and then giving us a link to a site that you no very well is going to tell us absolutely nothing is insulting.

I can give everyone in the MIlwaukee Wisconsin area the timeline of when we are getting 4G.  I would bet my life NOT IN THE NEXT 5 YEARS, So do yourself a favor and if you live in Milwaukee switch to eother at&t, Verizon, or tmobile.

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