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4G in only half of downtown Houston??


4G in only half of downtown Houston??

I work on the west side of downtown Houston.  If you kind of hold your body one way, the phone another and stand still and don't move, you MIGHT get LTE coverage where I am.  On the other part of downtown, the 4G hits you so hard that you need to duck before it knocks you out.  Of course, that's by Minute Maid Park and the court houses.  Why, with four towers downtown, have only towers on one side of downtown had updated data coverage? The ironic thing is I didn't expect any where I live in the suburbs and thought it would be firing big time downtown. It's been the opposite. No problem connecting at home since that's been updated. The kicker is I don't really NEED it at home. 99% of my data usage is on my home computer or tablet.

When are the towers on the west side of Houston's downtown going to be upgraded to receive good coverage.  I used to get some WIMAX at my desk and a great signal outside with my EVO before it met it's end but now I'm only limited to 3g at about 0.2mb/s at best on my LG Viper with no LTE at my desk.  Can't really do much of anything that's data intensive unless I want to wait an hour for a download that took about 20-30 seconds inside (about 10-15 outside) even on the old 4G.

Area code 77002, Smith St. & Lamar St.

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Re: 4G in only half of downtown Houston??

Was able to run some speed tests today.

On east side of downtown:

4G Download ranges: 7.6Mbps to 10.2Mbps

4G Upload ranges: 6.5Mbps to 9.7Mbps

These ranges occured whether the phone showed a full 5 green bars with the green 4G or just the green 4G with no green bars at all. Both scenarios had tests that maxed out near the 10.2 mark.

On west side of downtown:

3G Download: 0.3Mbps to 0.5Mbps

3G Upload: 0.3Mbps to 0.4Mbps

4G off and on...mainly off.  Not on long enough to run a test.  I don't want to stand on one leg, tilt at a 45 degree angle and hold my phone upside down to try to pick up a stray signal from other side of downtown. That blip of a signal does NOT constitute coverage.

Any indication as to when the two towers on the west side of downtown Houston are going to be updated?

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