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4G vs. Dial Up....Dial Up Wins!!


4G vs. Dial Up....Dial Up Wins!!

I've had the U600 modem now for a few months and have never been impressed by the speed, but over the last few days the speed has been unusable. My test results routinely show speeds of .10kbs or lower. I'm about 2 blocks from my nearest Sprint store and deep in an area where the 4G map shows best coverage. I typically show 2 bars on Smartview. Called Sprint and after two conversations got no satisfaction. This is rediculous. I had better speeds 15 years ago from my 56k dial up modem. I'm looking into cancelling my contract because Sprint has failed to provide the minimum listed speed and moving to Verizon. Sprint needs to do something about their service or as MANY people on here have predicted, they will be out of business.

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