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4g vs 4g lte


4g vs 4g lte

I just upgraded from an HTC Evo to the Galaxy s3. I was able to get 4g service almost everywhere with my Evo. What am I missing here? With my new phone it is considered 4g lte but I cannot get 4g service. Why can I not get at least the 4 g speeds I was getting before? I understand that LTE is not in my area yet but why can I not use the 4g service that I know is in my area?


Re: 4g vs 4g lte

Where are you located?  You can check for LTE rollout dates that are available on  Your new Galaxy S3 is only 3G and 4G LTE capable.  The HTC EVO uses 4G WiMax, which is not compatible with the Galaxy S3. 


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Re: 4g vs 4g lte

they are 2 different 4G set ups. the one you were able to use before was 4G wimax..the new phone you have runs on 4G LTE...but it can not work on both.. LTE only im afraid. the old wimax system will be shut down some time in 2015.

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