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Abysmal Service in Chicago West Suburbs


Abysmal Service in Chicago West Suburbs

Whenever I'm driving home after work, I can guarantee that my phone will drop a call every single time and at multple locations on my drive home. Both my wife and I are having this problem. When our old contracts were up, we definitely considered switching carriers because the quality of service had greatly declined at our house since last summer. However, we had an assurance from the Sprint Store that it was a "temporary tower issue" that was being resolved, and thus decided to sign new contracts with Sprint. The issue obviously hasn't been fixed, and has resulted in us getting an Airave at home (with its own issues that I'm not happy about, either) and a guarantee that we will have to call each other about 6 times to get through a 25 minute conversation during our respective commutes.

I have been a loyal Sprint customer for 10 years, but I have never had such terrible service. I feel both my wife and I were duped into new contracts with false assurances from the carrier that the issues were temporary. Is there anything we can do to avoid paying the contract termination fee? Contracts are, of course, an agreement between two sides, and I believe that Sprint isn't holding up their end of the contract by providing anything close to reliable service in our area.

Any advice or feedback is much appreciated.

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