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Additional 4G Tower active in Anniston, Alabama area!!!


Additional 4G Tower active in Anniston, Alabama area!!!

oxfordeastal072611.jpgClick on Map to Enlarge

An additional Sprint/Clear 4G WiMax tower is now active in the Anniston/Oxford, Alabama area.  It is located along the southeast side of Fort McClellan. The tower is in between the small towns of Iron City and Choccolocco. It's a pretty solid signal.

  This makes three towers in the Anniston/Oxford!  Turn on your 4G antennas, scan for service and start  surfin'!

Please note that with only one tower coverage, you are not likely to get  service in a building unless you are near the center of the coverage  area.  The first time you try service, confirm you are in the coverage  area and then go outside to try to connect.  Happy surfin'!

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