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Air wave box Question


Air wave box Question

I am a long time Sprint customer, 12 years or so, and have lived with not having service at my house since the start.  The area I live in is a roam area and I get one bar at best. To get that I have to stand in certain areas and not move and I still lose the signal once the call is connected.  Will the Air Wave take care of this?  You have a good signal until you get within one mile of my house then you lose it.  Any help would be appreciated. Thanks



Re: Air wave box Question

Airave does not work if you are in a roaming area.  If you could please private message your address to me and I could verify your coverage.




Air wave box Question

You need to find out where the closest Sprint tower is to you. If you are within 15 miles of the tower, the Airave will work for you. If you are more than 15 miles from the tower, it will not work due to FCC regulations - Airave is only to be used to boost signal within Sprint's licensed coverage area and not to expand that area.

There are some locations that you get a roaming signal and not a native Sprint signal but are still within that 15 mile radius, like my house. On a coverage map my housing development is completely in grey (roaming), but the tower is 12 miles away. It is declared a roaming zone due to interference between the house and the tower decreasing the signal. In my case, Airave works great to boost the signal inside my house and in the surrounding area (2 houses on either side) so I can walk my dog and stay on the phone.

The one current disadvantage with the Airave is that if you start a call while in coverage, when you leave Airave coverage the call will drop. It does not smoothly transfer to a "real" Sprint tower. If you start a call on a Sprint tower and move into Airave coverage, it will transfer the call to the Airave.

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