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Airave Outage since 12-11-12 Zipcode 78244


Airave Outage since 12-11-12 Zipcode 78244

I currently live in San Antonio Tx and ive had the Airave for about close to a year and it USE to work fine and recently last week it stopped working. i keep getting the run around they had me to a series of things unplug this unplug that " reset the air wave" go the the www.8x8 website or what ever it was to check my speed i did all of that and still no real clear answeres as to why my broad band and gps light areboth solid green and themobile light is flashing and occastionally all the lights flash each time i try to place a call i hear the beeps but i cant here the ph call ringing but the people on the other end of the call can here me i cant here them i had to leave my house and go three blocks awaay to place a call. I was told smeone would call me back.... 2 days later i recieved a call from soem one who had me do that ridiculous ass test from that www . 8x8 website again the same crap i did days ago only to be told a engineer wll call me and they dont know when it can take upto 72hrs  or longer what the hell!!! ok im stillwaittiing to this day unable to recieve calls and make calls and if i am able to manage to make a call eventually the calldrops my text message dont always go through either I have to send several times. Obviously this is a problem i see several postings on the site about this same issue. what is the problem and i wish thye would stop acting like theres nothing wrong with the airave, all of the people on this site couldnt possibly be lying we all live miles away from each other. I have 5 phone lines with sprint and have been with them for close to 10 years i have an impeccable pay record with them and i expect to AT LEAST  recieve so EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE. im sick of beingtold this person will callu and that person will call u. How about u just do me a favor and CANCEL!! all FIVE PHONE LINESi have with u with out me being penalized for breaking my contract since u cant provide a service to me or even answers as to why the service doesnt work.

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