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Anyone else with poor reception issue in ZIPs 90077, 90013, 90015?


Anyone else with poor reception issue in ZIPs 90077, 90013, 90015?

We live in ZIP 90077. For years we had excellent reception at home on all of our phones - HTC Evo, iPhone 4S, Blackberry and a simple LG phone.

But during the past 5 months the signal here has pretty much disappeared.

I have been working from my home for the past 3 months where my cell phone is practically useless.

We also have many dropped calls even in Downtown L.A. (ZIPs 90013, 90015, along the Santa Monica FWY and the 405) or when I try to call out I receive and error message "Network Busy" or other similar excuses!

Sprint has certainly deteriorated significantly in many areas around Los Angeles.

I called customer service and after the customary long delays I finally got to speak to a totally uninterested rep who simply justified this by saying "Sprint does not guarantee 100% coverage".

I am not asking for 100% or 90% or 80% coverage in the sticks. I am simply asking for coverage or enough network capacity in CENTRAL BUSINESS areas and area that previously had great coverage.

Sprint has also told me about a local voice outage in ZIP 90077 that has supposedly been under repair for over 30 days!

I asked for a significant enough credit on my bills for the past few months to make up for the lack of service in the areas I live and work, but Sprint has refused my request.


Re: Anyone else with poor reception issue in ZIPs 90077, 90013, 90015?

Hi Abe,

I have the same problem. I'm in 91775 area (SGV) and for the last few months, signal service has been dismal. I also work downtown (90017) on the top floor of One Wilshire. I'm sitting next to the window and looking at my phone, it barely get's a bar of service.

When I come off the metro subway at 7th/Macy's, it takes roughly 5 to 10 minutes for the phone to kick back into service before I can make calls or use any location functions (like foursquare). I don't know what the deal is.

When I moved to LA at the end of last year, signal strength out here was incredible and super fast (on my Hero). Then we had that storm that knocked out power for much of SGV for a few days. Ever since then, signal has been weak at best.

Here's to hoping Sprint turn up the signal!

I'm on an EVO 4G LTE right now.


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