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BBB Complaint - Make it right or it will continue.


BBB Complaint - Make it right or it will continue.

I have been experiencing dropped calls as soon as I answer them and in a 3g covered area I am getting no incoming or receiving calls. I am also always Roaming.

I have the Blackberry 8530.

This is my original phone I bought the day I started the agreement.

All updates are current (PRL updates multiple times)

My coverage according to says that I have 'Good' coverage. ( I have included a screen shot )

It has been going on for about 7 months and I've complained so much to the point that I actually filed a BBB complaint due to Sprints lack of customer care and concern.

I haven't moved to a new location.

I'm experiencing these problems all around Richmond Kentucky (40475) and in my home, outside, in my car, etc etc in my neighborhood and other parts of my 3g town.

I haven't received any error codes.

My sister is also on my account and she has a HTC Evo and doesn't have any of these problems. My friend Max has Sprint...doesn't experience any of these problems right beside my phone. I have put all three phones side-by-side and tried to call them and they tried to call me. I don't get the calls and I can't make the calls.

Texts and Multimedia messages work sometimes in these areas, though it takes them entirely too long to send or come through.

The technicians have had me wipe the phone, soft reset, hard reset, reprogram, prl update after prl update, upgrade firmware and more. I either want a replacement phone or I am dropping the service.

I WILL NOT pay $150 a month for mediocre service, and to a provider that seems as though they don't care what happens. I will continue to pursue my BBB complaint until the matter is solved.

Casey Collins

Sprint Product Ambassador

BBB Complaint - Make it right or it will continue.

According to the map, you are in 'good' coverage -- which means you should be able to easily place and recieve calls outdoors.  Indoors or in a vehicle you may have problems placing or receiving calls.

However, since you note that several other people directly in your area with Sprint CDMA phones are able to place and recieve calls, that indicates that your phone is at fault.  I suggest you take it to a Sprint Service and Repair center to have the radio performance checked.  There may be a hardware fault that software changes cannot fix.

You can find your nearest Sprint Service and Repair center at

Thanks and best luck!


Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

BBB Complaint - Make it right or it will continue.

We are all having problems and we are in Michigan. Here is a link to a report done on our local news station. Hope this helps!

Re: BBB Complaint - Make it right or it will continue.

I live in Michigan too and,  other than service being a little slower during peak usage times,  service has been pretty good.  I live about 65 miles south of Grand Rapids which is the primary location of woodtv (link).  I just thought I would clarify that all of Michigan is not having this problem.  I am wondering if this problem has anything to do with the 4g towers in G.R..  The 4g service there has been very inconsistent for me.   Rick


Re: BBB Complaint - Make it right or it will continue.

Hmmm .. I live about 35-40 miles south of Grand Rapids and am having constant issues.  Rick .. good for you that you have service .. but all my friends/associates that have Sprint (that live in my same locale) have had absolutely horrible service.  Over the past month, a couple of my  associates have actually switched to a new carrier.  They could not stand all of the trouble.  Myself and my associates .. all of our connection issues seemed to have begun around Christmas time ..   

Oh yes, I have a HCT Evo Shift too.  Apparently .. for me, that has not made a difference in my connection issues .. ?   


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