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Bad service in Fort Myers (33908)


Bad service in Fort Myers (33908)

I have been living in the same appartment for the past 4 years.  I have also had this same phone since Sept 2011 (Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic touch 4G). 

Over the past few months - the service has become horrible!  I am getting lots of dropped calls, lots of echo (reverb) when I am talking, etc.  It doesnt matter if I am in my appartment or standing outside.  Even in my car yesterday I was dropping calls multiple times!!!

I have tried to update all the softwear, profiles, and prl, did a reset and that did not fix it.  On my phone the service indicator goes from no bars to 1 to 3 to 2 to none and will not stay steady.  I will admit; that since I had the Epic 4g; my service has not been as good.  I know this phone has some issues with reception.  However - I also have a sprint work cell phone and an air card and both those have been horrible as well. My work cell phone is showing no bars at this time. 

Is there anything showing wrong in the fort Myers (239) area?  Anything else I can do?  Roaming is already set.  I am not even that worried about the poor 3g speeds - I just want to be able to talk without getting frustrated!!!




Sorry that you are having an issue with the service  If you can send a private message with  your address and Phone number I will look into this and see what I can  find

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