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Bamboozled By Sprint


Bamboozled By Sprint

I upgraded from the Samsung II to III a couple of months ago because I heard rave reviews about its speed.  While playing around with all of the new features, I noticed that I was unable to turn on 4G LTE so I began to do some research online.  According to the blogs and earlier communication, Sprint planned to upgrade the Richmond VA area to LTE in early 2013.  I've continued to search for updates and just found out that Richmond VA has been dropped from their list of near future upgrades. 

I've been a Sprint customer for over 10 years and now have 4 smart phones with them.  Over the years I have received the worst customer service during the early part of my two year contract.  However, they miraculously woo me back in near the end of my contract and I always resign a new contract.  Their recent actions take the cake on bad customer service.  Selling me a phone without divulging that LTE was not available in my area at the time of purchase was bad but for them to now have no plans in the near future to upgrade in my area is the icing on the cake of bad customer service.  I could have kept my S II and at least had 4g but now I'm stuck with shoddy 3G. 

The contracts for two of my lines end in the next few months and I am looking for another carrier now.  I'm stuck with Sprint for 2 more years on my other two lines but they will NOT bamboozle me again.

I officially HATE sprint and will encourage all of my friends and family members to shy away from them and their shoddy practices.

~Pissed off customer

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