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CTA Underground train Chicago (Red line, Blue line)


CTA Underground train Chicago (Red line, Blue line)

I have a BlackBerry Tour 9630 with the Everyting Data plan w/ Roaming. The network options on my phone are set to Global > Automatic, so roaming in enabled. I cannot however use my phone for calling/text or data when on the CTA underground subway system in Chicago. It shows 1X and it seems like the signal is connected, but I get message LB280 or some other kind of LB error message. The CTA subway has active ATT/Verizon/US Cellular networks and everyone can use them; even T-Mobile roams off of them and is in the progress of installing their own antennas. How can I, as a Sprint user, make/receive calls/text/data while on the CTA underground? A friend who works for Verizon told me about PRL updates on my phone, but I'm not exactly sure how that works or what it is/does?

Any help is appreciated.



Re: CTA Underground train Chicago (Red line, Blue line)

You should be able to use your phone starting early next year.  Sprint recently signed up to lease some of the wireless infrastructure in the subway.  I asked some friends who have AT&T if they gets service down there, and they said yes, so hopefully Sprint will have the same kind of deal.  I have the same problem where it shows me having roaming service, but nothing (internet, text, voice) works.

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