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Call Processing Problem


Call Processing Problem

I am located in Spokane Wa, I have been here 5 days, about 7 out of 10 calls to my home phone (land-line) fail to go through. The time of day does not seem to matter. A couple of different things may happen when I make a call; 1) Nothing, no error message, no noise of any kind just silence, the display will typically say "Calling" but will not connect. I usually wait at least 30 seconds before hitting the end button. 2) I get a message stating the call can not be completed at this time.

I encountered nearly identical symptoms/problems while I was working in Kansas City/Overland Park for the last 5 months (May to September). I am a former Sprint Employee with over 25 years technical experience. It seems like a problem with the connection between Sprint and the LEC providing service to my home.

I am calling from (918) 329-xxxx

I am attempting to cal (918) 823-xxxx

Why does sprint make it so difficult to report an issue via their website? I searched for a way to report this problem and it took me to a BLOG!!!!

I hope this makes it to someone who can make a difference.

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