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Cannot make or receive calls with Airave in 98446


Cannot make or receive calls with Airave in 98446

I have been on the phone with Sprint 4 times today with regards to making and receiving calls with the Airave unit attached to my network. Tonight I am not able to make or receive calls or txt when using my Samsung Epic. I dial *99 and I hear a beep and then I am disconnected. I dial a number and I hear a beep and disconnect. By disconnect I mean I am brought back to the main screen on my phone. Texts simply fail. When people try to call me it rings multiple times and goes to voicemail where they are told they cannot leave a message. When they text the texts are not delivered.

I have reset the Airave multiple times and I have the GPS antenna in a window. All lights on the Airave are green and steady.

If this device does not work I do not know what I will be able to do as my phone does not receive signal in my new house. Customer service assures me that on the map I have good coverage. That might be true on the map but not in my life

Suggestions on what I can do to make the services work?


Cannot make or receive calls with Airave in 98446

This should be resolved now - here is our ALL CLEAR message

As I understand the TS1 was cleared at 3:40am.

The fix was a blade switch of Reston TCS Cluster 1.


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