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Cannot use phone at home!


Cannot use phone at home!

Zip code 60060, intersection Rt. 60/83 and Midlothian Road.

Reception seems to come in waves - usually it's fine, then suddenly data works but no voice for a period of time.  It's really frustrating!  Is there a current outage?



Re: Cannot use phone at home!

I am showing that there are several towers in your area that is being upgraded and also a single cell site outage. Details are below.

Cell Site is being upgraded to Network Vision. Temporary impairments causing increased Drops and Blocks may occur, in addition to instances of missed calls/calls rolling to voicemail, and other voice service anomalies. Upgrade should be complete soon and service should be improved.

I can understand this is frustrating for you and we are aware of this issue. I can assure you we are working to not only fix it, but improve your overall customer experience in the area. I will report this issue to our network team.

Here is the single cell site outage:

Ticket 9135176,At 2012/06/05 13:20:19 we experienced the following Problem(s) in the Chicago : Chicago Market:Single Cellsite (Intermittent service).ETR 06/08/2012 10:41 CST. ETR is just an estimate and can change at anytime.

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