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Charged for Free Mobile to Mobile Minutes? (NOT roaming)


Charged for Free Mobile to Mobile Minutes? (NOT roaming)

Hi guys! I recently started service with Sprint just a few days ago, and I noticed that a few of my recent calls were deducted from my Anytime balance.

My plan has the free mobile-to-mobile feature attached to it.

I understand that if you use your phone while roaming, the minutes will be deducted from your Anytime minutes bucket.

The only problem with this in my situation is that I haven't been roaming. At all. My phone has stayed on the Sprint network since I activated the phone, and I haven't had any indicators on my iPhone 4S that I was roaming.

(That include the little dot thing next to the provider name in the notification bar. I've seen that before!)

It's pretty funny that this would happen, considering a few of the calls I made that were deducted from my balance were to Sprint customers!

Can anyone shed some light on why my minutes might be deducted in this case?

Thanks everyone!


Here is a list of services that is not included with mobile to mobile and anytime mobile.  If you have any questions or and need more information about your bill, please call customer service by dialing *2 on your cell phone.



Services not included

  • Unlimited Sprint Mobile to Mobile only: 
    • Does not include CDMA Reseller customers or Virgin Mobile customers.
  • Any Mobile, Anytime only: 
    • Landline calls or calls to international wireless numbers do not apply.
    • Calls to and from a Google voice number are land-line calls and therefore, do not qualify, unless the Google voice number is also a Sprint wireless number.
  • Both Unlimited Sprint Mobile to Mobile and Any Mobile, Anytime: 
    • The roaming customer who is making or receiving the call has the minutes deducted from their plan minutes or Night and Weekend minutes or will incur usage charges based on their current roaming plan.
    • Calls to retrieve voicemail are not included.
    • Calls made or received from Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) do not apply.
    • Calls placed to Toll Free or 900 numbers do not apply.
    • Directory assistance calls do not apply.
    • Call forwarding 
      • Unconditional (immediate) call forwarding charges $.20 per minute whether forwarding to a landline or domestic wireless number. It does not use anytime minutes.  
      • Conditional (busy/ring, no answer) call forwarding is included in all plans and does not use anytime minutes.
    • Three-way calling if 1 or more of the calls is placed to or received from an excluded call type do not apply.
    • Calls made using any indirect method do not apply.
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