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Chicago - Data at Dial-Up Speeds, Constant Dropped Calls, and You'll Get My Text Tomorrow


Chicago - Data at Dial-Up Speeds, Constant Dropped Calls, and You'll Get My Text Tomorrow

Well, well, well... Where do I start.. First off, I guess I’ll throw in that I have been a loyal, bill-paying customer for eight (8) years, with two lines.

For the past year or so, Chicago's Sprint service has been deplorable! I have had a network ticket open since December on each of my lines. Those network folks are great, but their answers are really starting to lack substance and are getting repetitive.

"Looks like this ticket has an ETA of tomorrow, call back then."


"This was just fixed yesterday, power cycle your device and update profile".

Guess what, it's not fixed. Plus, it's not just my tower (60160) . I travel throughout the city and suburbs, and have issues everywhere! I have friends that have Sprint and complain about the same things. I'll text someone, and 6-7 hours or a day later I'll get a text back saying, "Why did you just text me 9 times?" My speedtest.net download speeds vary from 13kbs to 70kbs downstream, and that’s if I can even get a connection at all. I constantly get the quick "network busy" sound at least 10-15 times a day. One out of every two to three calls gets dropped! It's to the point that I actually expect getting cut off, but just hope it's not at a crucial part of the conversation.

I work for a large technology corporation, and communication is everything. I carry two phones, and designate one for work. My work phone is on "Big Red's" network, and I have never, EVER had any issues even close to what I have with Sprint! I could never even consider getting rid of my Verizon line if I wanted to. If I have a critical business call, I wouldn't ever risk taking it on my Sprint line, and that's a shame. I pay Sprint monthly for a service. This service has not been delivered. I thought I signed up for steak, and instead I'm getting that pink slime.

Now, don't get me wrong.. I have always been a Sprint advocate! I convinced all of my family and a good amount of friends to switch to Sprint. Do you think they are happy with me right now? No! I keep telling them, it's going to get better, trust me! Network Vision is going to be huge, just wait! They will be better than Verizon, they have a stronger frequency and it will be top of the line... But I, myself am starting to doubt my own promises. I have been calling in to the network team almost 4 times a week for the past 6 months for a status. They keep telling me that they see several "alarms" and tickets open on my tower, and they should have them completed in a few days. Yeah, yeah, yeah... I was specifically told - March 31st would be the completion date, then that turned to April 31st, and NOW it's the end of May and I can't even update my profile or run a speed test. Where’s the NOW network?

Two weeks ago I re-signed a 2-year agreement, and pre-ordered the new Evo 4G LTE. I have some technical insight on the current updates happening in my area, and I believe 4G LTE will be live very soon, and that’s the only reason I re-signed,, But what if it is not ready?. What if I am giving up my ONLY source to access the internet- WiMAX? What is this going to mean for the folks without an LTE device? I know the new spectrum is supposed to enhance 3G coverage as well, but when? Why do we (all of Chicagoland) have to endure this torture with our wireless carrier for months upon months upon MONTHS?!!! If your upgrade path involves causing this much of a network disruption, then your project management team is garbage. Also, with that being said, if this is all being caused by the integration of Network Vision (which has been verified by several reps), Sprint should be held accountable for causing complete network gridlock, and possibly hindering a life or death situation where a phone is needed.

I have urged others to call in and complain about their service instead of complaining to me. I thought that might open an eye or two at Sprint. It has not. This is now 8 months without a resolution. This should have been escalated to an executive level, months ago!! How can there be capacity issues, data issues, voice issues, tower alarms, etc…in the same areas without any trend analysis?

The right folks at Sprint need to know why their Chicago market is slowly being eaten up by Big Red. YOU ARE LOSING YOUR CUSTOMERS! WAKE UP!! It’s only a matter of time for you to force all of your now disgruntled customers away. Sprint is tainting their name in Chicago and the Mid-West area in general. Believe me! You can spend all the money you want to create a network from scratch, but if you leave your installed-base suffering, you will lose in the long run!

I'm sure others on this board can attest to my claims. If there is any moderator or admin on these boards that has an ear of either a director or executive level manager, you need to heed my comments and advice and take action immediately!

I will be happy to discuss further.

- Frank


This # is for the Sprint network team. You call this number, and it doesn't even ring- they pick right up. They will handle the repairs of your specific problematic tower. They will call you every two days to give you updates as well.. These are great people. No need to give them the I hate Sprint speech. They will help you if you tell them everything and make sure they know that it's not just your device's fault (ie: others you know having issues as well).


They are not a 24x7 department. Only open till 9pm CST. -remember be nice to these folks.


Frank, thank you for that number, I'll call them Friday and report back here what they tell me.  What department is that number for, Network Engineers?  So I take it I'm not the only one that has no service at all?    I don't even have a smartphone anymore, I have dumbphone, LG Remarq, because I just need voice, text and pics.  I don't get why my son's phone works and mine doesn't, we live in the same house.  I've talked to Tech Support and Customer Service Supervisors.  I can't even remember the others I've talked to.  Why has no sprint person come into this thread and responded?  I never had a problem with Sprint until now, after 13 years with them.  I've recommended them to people also.  I'm not recommending them anymore.  One of my contracts ends in September, the other one goes for another year, but I can just pay the $100 fee and move on to another carrier.  This is totally unacceptable!!!


I also told sprint I want a reduction on my bill for everyday I have NO service.  They told me it would be a reduction of $2/day, big whoop!  How do I know I'm really going to get a reduced bill?  Everytime I call sprint I get a different person and have to go through the whole story over and over.  I asked them if they put notes in their system, customer accounts, so the numerous people you end up talking to can see the ongoing problem?  I didn't really get an answer on that one, no surprise.  I have a ticket # and tried to call the one lady in Tech Support back to let her know I still have no service.  When I called and asked for the lady the rep had no clue who the person was or how to connect me!  The lady tech rep had taken down my land line phone # to follow up with me and what did she do?  She called my cell phone and left a message even though she knew I had no service!   Hello??!!!!


We're not alone with this, here's another thread with posts from all over the country http://community.sprint.com/baw/thread/89239?start=0&tstart=0


Hey Shelby,

Yeah, it's pretty near impossible to refer to any of the reps by name. Especially when you are calling back. They have call centers stationed around the country. One day you might get Texas, another you might Ohio. So asking for "Steve" or "Mary" typically doesn't work.

As far as tickets go, they should be loading notes in your account every time you call in. I make a point to tell them to make sure they are notating my account, and have them read the verbiage back to me. After all, it's your account that you are paying for.

Last night I feel that I might have had a break through. I have been assigned a case manager, and was given her and her manager's phone numbers. They offered me 50% off of my last four months bills. I thanked her, but said that was completely unacceptable. I have been having issues since August of last year. I am NOT doing this to get a "payday", but rather get what's due to me for the service I was provided. I was given a CTMS ticket number, and am getting a call back on Sunday to evaluate status. She is going through the past year of logs on my account, looking for complaint calls, dropped service, tower outages in my area, etc...

Make sure you use this terminology when calling, as that will help prompt them to take additional action. Tell them you would like a CTMS ticket opened, and you account reviewed. The rep I am working with told me that I am just the second person in all of Chicagoland to call in about this issue. REALLY?!! I might be the second person to get to the proper level of support, and that's the problem.

So be sure to call everyone!!! Good luck


I called the network engineer number you posted Frank and they said there is a tower with problems by me.  But my kid has service and I have none, yet Sprint was able to call me today for their dumb survey.  The called got dropped LOL!!  I haven't had the strength of mind today to call Sprint and deal with their BS like I have every day this week.  I have a replacement phone coming with the updated firmware that my current phone doesn't have.  I had to pay $37 w/tax for the dang phone.  I'm pissed is an understatement at this point. 

Frank, when I call customer service again, do I ask for a supervisor and then ask for a CTMS ticket to be opened?  What is a CTMS ticket? 


okay, now i am really pissed. Now this lack of service is causing problems - our babysitter has been trying to get ahold of my wife because of an emergency for the last 2 hours and nothing is going through. I finally just got a hold of my wife and she said she has received no phone calls, no texts, no emails.


I would call in - again - but I fear i may regret what i would say


Thank God my kids are okay


BHTMARK15, that's disgusting about the sitter not able to reach your wife.  Every sprint person I've talked to I've told them this situation could be an emergency or life threatening situation.  I've told them to read these forums and see the amount of complaints.  I received my replacement phone today cause they said the upgraded version might help me.  It didn't!  My son is on my account, same type of phone and he's had service, but I have none.  I was talking with sprint AGAIN today about waiving the cancellation fees, was on for 30 minutes and call got disconnected.  What's like with other carriers T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon?  I have to leave sprint because they cannot provide the service we're paying for and cannot wait for their new super duper upgrades to be completed.


After 7 weeks of NO SERVICE anywhere in the chicagoland area, I have complained in the "chat" and received a small credit to my account. I can not believe Sprint advertises being #1 in anything, My phine as well as my wife's are no paperweights no nothing more. I do not believe I should have to pay for something I do not have. I want out of the contract and Sprint tells me I can have another $20.00 credit and they are no longer letting people out of contracts due to service upgrades and tower changes. "Tower Upgrade" whatever...its lighting fast, NOT!!! I have little to no calling service, when I do it's ROAM, text messages I get radio interference or i get the text hours later, voice mail, well my wife out 4 from May 5th and today is May 29th. Nice servie Sprint, take it a shove it!!!!! I will NEVER RECOMMEND YOUR SERVIE TO ANYONE WHO WHOULD LIKE TO MAKE A CELL PHONE CALL!!!!


We have called 4 times, we have gotten small credits, but I agree with you I do not want a "payday: I want service that I am paying for that I do not have. I want out of my contract. My wife travels all off the time and she has been in spots with no service and in need of help. Sprint and their "lighting fast" upgrades is nothing but a joke, By the time the upgrade to 4G in our area the rest of the world will bb on 5G!!! Their customer service is a joke. I want what I pay thats the contract "Unlimited Everything" when it works...what a joke!!


Make it happen Frank!!


I would have reponded sooner, but after 10 minutes of loading on my phone i decided to turn on the computer. Much faster.

No one is looking for handouts. I just want my d*#n phone to work. I want to receive my text messages in a timely manner, I want my emails to actually come thru instead of getting "network failure" all the time. I want to make a phone call without feeling like I am calling the computer from 'Wargames'. I want my wife to stop losing clients because her voicemails come in 2-3 days late.

When someone calls one of the 3 phones on my line, I would like it to ring. And I would like to be able to talk to them.

We pay for a SERVICE. I pay $160+ a month for UNLIMITED DATA and for my phone to work. What would the fallout be if the emergency with my kids this morning was fatal> What if one of their heads was cracked open? Would there be any consequence on Sprints end? Of course not.

This is just making me sick. Its no longer an inconvenience, it is altering my familys lifestyle. I dont even want to use the phone anymore. I am tired of telling people "I'll call you from the office".

I am just sick.

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