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Chicago Service Issues (60626)


Chicago Service Issues (60626)

Hi There,

I'd like to add to the list of Chicago problems...  For about 4 days now, I have been unable to receive incoming calls.  The caller hears it ring normally, but my phone does not alert me, nor does it register a missed call.  Texts show up sporadically, hours or days after they were sent.  However, if I travel 10 minutes into the suburbs to the Sprint store, everything works fine.

I called Sprint and they said there's nothing wrong with my tower.  The Sprint store said there was nothing wrong with my phone, that it's a network issue.  They determined that because there were three customers in the store at the same time as me who live in my area that were having the exact same issue.  The store asked me to call customer care to report the problem.  Not sure why the store couldn't report it themselves, but ok...  When I called customer care again, they insisted that there was nothing wrong in my area.  After waiting 40 minutes to talk to a manager, being hung up on, calling back, waiting another 20 minutes...  They said they were going to send me something to boost my signal.  They also said that they would put in a request to check the tower, but that it would take up to 72 hours to even check it.

My questions...  Do I sit and wait, or keep calling them?  (I can make calls, just not receive them.)  Will this device that boosts my signal even help me?  And, has anyone else had this issue and/or know of a fix?  I did all my system updates, and the first customer care lady reset my device.

If this keeps up, does Sprint allow you to cancel service?  Receiving calls is kind of an important feature for a phone...

Thanks for any help you can give me.



Re: Chicago Service Issues (60626)

You are at the beginning point of your Sprint journey where they tell you things like an airave will fix your service.     I will tell you going into the store will do nothing.

This is long, but what I have posted in other threads so you can get an idea of what to do if your service doesn't improve...

Like many others in the Chicagoland area, my family (5 lines) has been experiencing unacceptable service from Sprint that includes many of the same complaints I see from others on these forums including:

-Texting not working

-Dropped calls

-Inability to make calls

-Slow internet

-Delayed text and voicemail messages

-The runaround-being told it is the phone when calling Sprint and to go to the store, then go to the store and they tell you it's the network, etc.

-Promised time-lines that do not come to fruition

-Being offered inadequate discounts on service (i.e. $25 off our $250 bill when our service is basically unusable many days)

Today I was finally told that Sprint is completing "network vision," basically combining 3 towers into a "supertower." They have stated that they cannot give a time estimate of when this will be done and service will be sketchy throughout that time (as others have stated as well). I am unsure why I am paying $250+ a month for service I am not receiving and cannot be given a response as to when I will be receiving it. I am concerned that Sprint would embark on such a major upheaval of their services without a back-up plan of how to support the existing network.

This is obviously a chronic problem in the Chicagoland area; however I do believe that in order for any positive changes to be made in service, as well as any concessions in the form of major refunds for lack of service, many people are going to have to band together to make a difference. The gentlemen I spoke to from Sprint today literally told me that he gets a lump in his stomach each time he has to deal with people from Illinois calling, it is that bad!

I would encourage those having problems to do the following:

First, contact the Better Business Bureau. It only takes about 5 minutes to fill out the form here:

In the section that asked how I would like my issue resolved, this is what I stated, feel free to copy and paste!

This matter can be resolved by providing:

1) A definitive time-line as to when my service will be working with no interruptions

2) A back-up plan of how I am going to be provided the service I pay a contract for (phone calls, voicemail, texts, and internet that all work)

3) If I cannot be given a back-up plan, I would like to terminate our 5 lines at no cost

Second, contact Chicago TV networks investigative reporters, as well as the Chicago Tribune. No major company likes bad PR and perhaps having a major television market looking into their inadequacies will encourage some more honest and forthcoming answers, as well as speed towards rectifying the problem. Type up a list of your complaints (or copy and paste them from here), write up your letter and send it off to each of the email addresses here. The more similar complaints they get, the more likely they are to look into things and focus on Sprint for one of their investigative pieces. Or feel free to vent within this thread and I will add your complaints to the list I have.

ABC Chicago--Chuck Goudie--

CBS Chicago--Dave

NBC Chicago--Sharon

Chicago Tribune Watchdog reporters:





Spread the word to others you know who have Sprint and are experiencing problems, as well as in other threads you see here.

I also wanted to add an update. After my BBB complaint, I was finally transferred to Joanna Ciampa today (whose apparent title is Executive and Regulatory Specialist, Legal and Office of Privacy Support - Sprint Nextel Corporation) and was informed that the tower completion in Chicagoland had an estimated completion date of November. She is now offically looking into the problems on my 5 lines, but apparently they have a month to respond to the complaint. I have told her I would like to be released from all 5 lines.

In addition, as suggested I have contacted the Illinois Attorney General and filed a consumer complaint (

So, my advice to others is, if you truly want to get some answers or get out of your ETF, you need to file your complaint now. You will be stuck waiting at least a month while everything gets worked through. While I wait I have a phone that isn't getting incoming calls and can't hold a call.

Good luck!!


Re: Chicago Service Issues (60626)

We are very sorry for your inconvenience. I enquired about this and was told that the issue was addressed as of yesterday evening. Please let me know if you are still continuing to see this issue.

Thanks for your patience!!


Re: Chicago Service Issues (60626)

You realize spamming the forum isn't any way to get problems resolved. Sprint is working on the issue, they're replacing all of the equipment at every cell site in Chicago. An Airave would fix the issue while you're in your home as you're not likely to hand off to another tower from your Airave while at home.


Re: Chicago Service Issues (60626)

While clearly you are loyal and feel free to express your loyalty to Sprint, I am free to help those who are clearly frustrated and are looking for some resolution.  As such a knowledgeable Sprint insider, I would love to know why this simple Airave suggestion was not mentioned as a fix to my problems during any of the many conversations I have had with Sprint representatives.


Re: Chicago Service Issues (60626)

I'm not a Sprint insider but the Airave will fix issues while in range of the Airave because you have full signal from it, you won't hand off to another tower and the dropped calls are caused by handing off from an old tower to a new tower or the reverse onto the same CDMA Voice channel.


Re: Chicago Service Issues (60626)

I was out of town, so my phone was working.  I'm back now, and I'm no longer having the problem with my phone not ringing.  My signal is still poor, but hopefully the AirWave will fix that,

Thanks everyone for taking the time to respond to my questions!!



Re: Chicago Service Issues (60626)

Katie676 wrote:

I was out of town, so my phone was working.  I'm back now, and I'm no longer having the problem with my phone not ringing.  My signal is still poor, but hopefully the AirWave will fix that,

Thanks everyone for taking the time to respond to my questions!!


If you can get customer retentions to send you an Airave it should fix your problems in your area. There are 6 towers that cover your ZIP code it shouldn't take long to upgrade those if they're actually being worked on. The Airave should allow you to get calls and texts as soon as they come in. I have one myself for better indoor coverage and it works extremely well.

You can change how much area your Airave will cover by going to and clicking manage my AIRAVE.


Re: Chicago Service Issues (60626)

Sprint is currently working pretty hard on deploying Network Vision/LTE in Chicago right now.  There are going to be issues as they transition from legacy equipment to the new NV equipment.  In the end, you'll be thankful that Sprint is doing what they're doing, and the bumps in the road will be worth it.  Just ride it out.

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