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Chicago - cannot upload pics; Super slow Data


Chicago - cannot upload pics; Super slow Data


I have the new iPhone 4s - my data speeds all over the Chicago area are very, very slow - much less than the advertised Sprint speed of 600Kbps - 1.4Mbps.  Here are my latest speed tests performed in various areas around Chicago and the suburbs:

Date     Download     Upload

1/3        0.08Mbps     0.12Mbps

1/2        0.14Mbps     0.00Mbps

12/31     0.30Mbps     0.12Mbps

12/29     0.08Mbps     0.01Mbps

These kind of speeds make my iPhone data unusable.  I am not able to upload pics (let alone video!), MMS does not work at all, pulling up a webpage takes 1 to 2 minutes (not acceptable).

What is Sprint doing about this?  What kind of financial compensation do you suggest for this missing service which I am paying for?



Re: Chicago - cannot upload pics; Super slow Data

I am sorry you have been having problems with your data and the coverage in your area. Could you please provide me a Zipcode and or cross streets where you are at so I can see if we have any reported outages in your area.




Chicago - cannot upload pics; Super slow Data


I have similar experience in the downtown area on the iPhone 4S (eg. Michigan & Madison, zip 60601). It appears that the issues tend to be with uploads in general, resulting in intermittent very poor service overall. I am not able to send MMS reliably most of the time, I give up after about 5 attempts.

I've seen similar behaviour since mid October, however it seems more consistently poor of late.

Date and Time          Download    Upload   
1/5/2012 8:01pm370kbps4kbps
1/11/2012 1:38pm504kbps3kbps
1/11/2012 1:40pm244kbps13kbps
1/11/2012 2:53pm317kbps1kbps
1/11/2012 5:08pm302kbps4kbps
1/12/2012 10:22am383kbps1kbps
1/12/2012 3:56pm388kbps5kbps

Chicago - cannot upload pics; Super slow Data

Since a network ticket was opened up for my issue Sprint has been diligent in following up/calling me - they have acknowledged that:

1.  There is a known data speed issue with the iPhone that Sprint & Apple are jointly working on - no current fix available, no ETA.

2.  The network in my area (NW Suburbs) is over capacity - a tower near me should be upgraded in February.

I really don't see why I should have to pay for any Sprint service until both issues above are fixed... 


Re: Chicago - cannot upload pics; Super slow Data

I'm going to be buying a new iPhone from Sprint. Have you seen any changes in the data speed in Chicago?


Re: Chicago - cannot upload pics; Super slow Data

No, no improvements.  still horribly slow data.


Chicago - cannot upload pics; Super slow Data


I will private message you to open a ticket if one has not been created for your account.

I looked into the area N Michigan Ave & E Madison St, Chicago, IL 60602 and found no known issue at this time.



Re: Chicago - cannot upload pics; Super slow Data


I've seen a slight improvement after changing my handset - my previous 4S got a yellow blotch in the lower left corner, so I got it changed out. At the Apple store I mentioned getting poor upload speed and they said "yes that's normal for Sprint".

I'm now getting occasional better upload speeds of 80-90kbps, but still am getting many instances where it's the unusable 1-10kbps as well.

It varies depending on location - in some spots I have got 300-700kbps.

I am finding it's not so much the 'speed' that's the problem as upload packet loss that results in TCP retransmits - so bubbles of zero speed, because the other end doesn't get my request or acknowledgement that i'm ready for the next packet.

If i'm listening to Pandora in high quality on my phone, it works just fine as the speed itself is OK, and the buffer can overcome the bubbles of stalling transfers caused by the upload issues. However, if I try to load up a website sometimes I just give up as it can take a minute or longer to load a page because there are many small requests for the elements on the page (css, images, javascript, etc.).

Running the iNetQCheck app, I got the following results for uploads:

Bytes Lost: 26614

Bytes out of order: 88224

Packets out of order: 72

Duplicate bytes: 328

Duplicate packets: 1

Downloads were OK, with occasional latency spikes.



Re: Chicago - cannot upload pics; Super slow Data

Thank you!


Chicago - cannot upload pics; Super slow Data

I've been in contact with Sprint over the phone pretty much daily and they've got me to run field test mode, collecting information about signal strength and which tower I connect to, and re-running speed tests every day.

On the most recent call, I was informed that they sent a technician to the tower to ensure everything was good the last time they called and that there was no further possible action. I was getting as usual 5 bars / -65dbm signal strength, but low download and unusable (often <1kbps) upload speeds. They informed me that this was the best Sprint could do and I should expect no further change as this was now what I should regard as normal. When I brought up that my signal strength was great and that downloads are acceptable-but-low, whereas uploads just freeze, they said they couldn't explain it but it must be the normal for downtown Chicago and it wouldn't change in the near term. My ticket is closed. I was disappointed to say the least.

Out of curiousity, I re-ran the test at 8:35pm and though they said there should be no change, there has been a drastic change. While the signal strength is still the same, the data service is actually usable now.

The latest run of the app yields speeds from 450kbps up to 1.1Mbps:

8:35pm Ping: 118ms, Download: 452kbps, Upload: 425kbps

9:10pm Ping: 97ms, Download: 1110 kbps, Upload: 608kbps

9:28pm Ping: 116ms, Download: 758kbps, Upload: 606kbps

On iNetQCheck I get the following numbers (up/down)

Application Speed 980Kbps up / 429 Kbps down

Data Flow Speed 9.57Mbps/1.72Mbps

TCP Max Delay: 448ms/573ms

Data Flow QoS: 48.2%/59.9%

Capacity Speed: 1.29Mbps/685Kbps

Capacity QoS: 81.4% / 69.8%

I get small periods of no activity, about 1/2 a second here and there, but it's so much better than the 10s of seconds that was happening previously.

I hope this improvement persists. While nowhere near as fast as my friends with iPhones on Verizon or AT&T, at least it now falls within usable bounds.

Is anyone else seeing an improvement on their end?


Chicago - cannot upload pics; Super slow Data

OK, now testing during business hours the picture has changed a little. Things are qualitatively a little better, but still uploads are problematic.

Whatever improved the performance must be subject to congestion/time of day.

At 9am i'm now getting:

Ping: 338ms, Downalod: 102kbps, Upload 17kbps

Ping 513ms, Download: 276kbps, Upload: 7kbps

Ping: 209ms, Download: 241kbps, Upload: 5kbps

Ping: 548ms, Download: 123kbps, Upload: 9kbps


Chicago - cannot upload pics; Super slow Data

I'm getting very similar speeds in the NW Suburbs as well (from Schaumburg to Algonquin/Elgin area) - download speeds are very slow but i can usually get what I need done (although it is very painful).  Upload speeds are a total fail.  Most of the time even sending emails is problematic and fails.  Forget about uploading pics or video...

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