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Completely Dysfunctional and Stuck


Completely Dysfunctional and Stuck

I've had 2 "Samsung Nexus S 4G from Google" phones for 1 year in Indianapolis.  More often than not (60% of the time) my call will drop within 30 seconds of talking.  It doesn't matter how much signal I have.  It doesn't matter who I call.  It doesn't matter which phone I use.  Calling back results in reaching voicemail.  It typically goes like this:

1.  Call someone

2.  Talk for roughly 30 seconds

3.  Call drops

4.  Call back 5 times until I can get it ringing again

5.  Talk for roughtly 30 seconds

6.  Call drops.  (repeat)

I have single sum 5 minute phone conversations with 5-10 dropped calls.  Not kidding.  This is par for the course for us.

Beyond that I have text messages which never arrive at my phone or at a phone I'm sending to (on occasion).

I have absolutely no signal for a 1 block radius around my house and am forced to use an AirRave which goes down once a week.

I have spent probably a total of 4-5 hours on the phone with Sprint customer service.  They make appointments to call me back and do not call.  When I call back in I get told that someone will call me back.  When I escalate and tell them I'm fed up and want my ETF waived they tell me they won't do it because I'm in a 'strong' coverage zone and they don't guarantee coverage or any functionality.  If there was a class action lawsuit I could join I would do it, but basically I need out of this contract without paying $480 so I can have a phone that's functional in any sense of the word.

If someone from Sprint is watching this forum, you've already lost a customer for life.  Help me out of this hell that is a Sprint contract.


No response at all?


I'm in the exact same boat. My phone, at this very moment, has no data signal and I can't call out or recieve calls. Sprint has been telling me for a week that the "Case Manager" will call, yet no one has. I'm currently looking into Verizon or ATT. I'll pay the stupid ETF and sell my phone on eBay to recoup some of the loss.


Bro I am hit/miss on phone calls since june 22nd. Never had trouble before. I live in South Plainfield nj...

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