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Completely worthless signal in Fresno, CA


Completely worthless signal in Fresno, CA

I have had it.  I've been with Sprint for about 5 or 6 years now, and last 6 months to a year has been absolutely horrific.  It used to be fine, but now I get absolutely worthless signal for data.  Worthless.

Calls are more or less okay, but even those have been getting worse lately.  Anyway, I'm getting sub 100 kbps download speeds.  I can't stream music, I've had to cache what I might want to listen to.  It takes forever to get a simple web page to load.  Browsing the Market Play Store and installing apps?  Maybe if they're 50k, otherwise they take FOREVER, stall out and fail, or (most often) I get fed up and just forget about it until I get home and on wifi.

And it's not like this is one location with thick walls or a metal roof or whatever.  This is all over town.  I can be standing in the middle of a parking lot in the middle of town and it's still no good.  I know Fresno isn't LA or New York or anything, but it's not the middle of nowhere either.

And on a side note, WTF is going on with the community here?  I had registered for it a while back, but it wanted a new user name.  Couldn't use my old one.  Fine, got that worked out.  Then it insisted I change my email address.  Not sure why.  So I had to go change ALL my email addresses for billing, email notifications, everything.  I changed them to an old email I still have but don't use.  Now I'm going to go change them back so I can actually get emails to an address I use.  I don't know who's running things over at Sprint, but they're doing a BANG UP JOB I tell you.

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