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Connectivity Problems in Raleigh, NC (27617)


Connectivity Problems in Raleigh, NC (27617)

Has anyone else had any issues the past couple weeks with signal strength in the Raleigh area? I live in Brier Creek (area code 27617) and for the past two weeks or so there has been terrible service. Normally at my house my wife and I can use 3g to browse the internet, download apps, etc. but recently we have no connectivity and have to connect to wifi to do anything. The voice connection is still okay, but not great. Is there an issue with a nearby tower? We both have Samsung Epic 4g phones. We have tried restarting the phones every once in a while, but we both continue to experience the same issues.


Re: Connectivity Problems in Raleigh, NC (27617)

I am sorry you are having data issues in your area. I did look in our network outage board and at this time, I don't see any reported outages.I will be glad to look more into this, could you please private message me and once you reply back, I will get more information from you.




Connectivity Problems in Raleigh, NC (27617)

I work at blair creek parkway for years.. last spring was great !! until this month network is worse .. something wrong with your tower .. please replace new tower.. thanks.

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