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Coverage Issues Jacksonville, FL


Coverage Issues Jacksonville, FL

Anyone else having coverage issues in and around Jacksonville? More specific - Yulee, FL?  For the past eight hours now I have had no service - I have bars, but as soon as I try to place a call or send a text, the bars disappear and nothing goes through.  My husband's phone was working fine until he hit the north side of Jacksonville.  I have done all my updates, but still have no coverage.  I have also emailed Sprint support and tried calling but after 25 minutes of waiting I gave up - too late at night for this.  May have to suck up the $700 to cancel the contract and go back to Verizon. . .so far all we have experienced in the past 6 months are dropped calls and slow internet. We only live a mile off of I-95, so according to the Sprint coverage maps we should be in the coverage area.

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