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Coverage in LA (HTC Mogul) Horrible - 11 Years Means Nothing?


Coverage in LA (HTC Mogul) Horrible - 11 Years Means Nothing?

Mr. Hesse & Sprint Executives.

Please understand that I have attempted to fix this through your chain of command.  This is a brief insight into a bigger issue.

I am beginning to feel (after 11 years of subscribership) that I need to take my business elsewhere.  I do not have the time to draft up all of my issues in an e-mail, so here’s the nuts and blots.  Perhaps my $100+ dollars a month (for MANY YEARS) isn’t good enough to keep me as a client?  This really makes me wonder about your company’s strategies, and its future.

Please understand that It is very rare that I ever had to call and complain about something, or even get tech help, but in the last month, I’ve had more than I can handle. I’m very tech friendly, and really don’t have a lot of time to gripe because of my busy schedule.


I recently moved full-time Los Angeles (hence the past due balance which I paid off in full a few hours ago, which is a rarity), and I have noticed tremendous issues with my service out here (see notes in my account).  I have done everything on my end to try and help the issue except get a new phone (why should I? This one cost me a fortune already, and it’s not that old). PRL updates, OS updates, and radio updates are all up-to-par according to

As I type this, my phone says I have coverage. As soon as I attempt to call, it says connecting – and then disconnects after about 10 seconds. This happened yesterday from about 5:30 PM until about  9:00 PM pacific. Almost like I was in a black hole – but it says I have service. I could not call, receive, text, data, nothing. Sure as the sky is blue, today at 12:45 PM until I’m drafting this e-mail (12am) I have yet to be able to do anything with the device (service related). Strangely, I was right in the middle of a call when it just cut out, and hasn’t worked since.  Let me ask you, how much business am I loosing for this?  Should I contact my attorney? God knows how many voicemails I have and how many jobs I have lost because I simply couldn’t answer my phone. As an entertainer, my phone is my life.

I’d love to call you right now to trouble shoot this, but my phone doesn’t work, and like so many artists in LA – no home phone.  (and bonus: you’re chat if offline)

Sidenote: Did you know Sprint was a sponsor for some of the events I’ve hosted? For 3 years I spoke highly in front of MANY THOUSANDS of people at my comedy shows, national touring events which I’ve hosted, and the like. How do you think I’d feel if I was to speak about you guys again?


As my account notes will show you, I first started experiencing this a few weeks ago, only not as severe. Generally, what was just “bad areas” since the phone was spotty out here.  According to the research I’ve done, this is no secret to LA, but my situation seemed to be a bit more than usual.  (Obviously now is no exception).  I finally decided to go into a store, and essentially, the best advice I got was “you need to buy a new phone”.  (of course the comparable upgrade will cost $500 – since I don’t do contracts because of my real and volunteer job). How does a phone all of a sudden go “obsolete” so quickly?  Let’s imagine for a second that this is the case and that my phone is “kind of outdated” then why would you allow your vendors (Asurion who just replaced my device a month ago) to send out BAD phones? Oh, and the $100 replacement cost is crazy.  But I know, that’s not you – that’s them. I do wonder why I pay $7/mo for insurance.

There’s so much more to say, but I do not have the time.  I’d love it if you could please figure out why my phone does not work right now. Even for enough time so that I can shop around find a better, more QA driven wireless provider to spend $100/month with – for another 11 years.

I look forward to your e-mail reply, since obviously my phone doesn’t work. 

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Re: Coverage in LA (HTC Mogul) Horrible - 11 Years Means Nothing?

Sprint coverage in Los Angeles is generally very good and not too many Sprint users complain anymore.  The Nextel merger brough hundreds of improvements to Southern California after 2005.  You didn't mention what specific area you are having this trouble.  I'm also a Los Angeles area Sprint user since 1997 and am very familiar with coverage.

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