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Coverage in Marshalltown, IA


Coverage in Marshalltown, IA

Me and my friend have been very unsatisfied because the coverage here just plain sucks. We can't use the internet cause it's slower than heck. It's been well over 10 minutes since I received a picture message and it won't even download. The call quality gets pretty bad around here, sometimes it wont even call. It says the number couldn't be dialed. One morning I tried and tried to call Sprint customer service to set up a bill payment and the call wouldn't even get through... If nothing can be done then I guess I will just have to switch companies?


Coverage in Marshalltown, IA


What is you zipcode?



Re: Coverage in Marshalltown, IA

Hello and thank you for reporting this issue.  I was able to find the city and view our coverage and expectations for that area.  Marshalltown, IA is not an EVDO enabled area and still on an older 1xRTT service.  As our phones and devices become more advanced, they require faster speeds and quicker network responses than older equipment can handle.   There was a request to update the two towers there with EVDO capabilities, but the customer reporting the issue a few months ago, never responded back so the ticket/network update was auto closed.  Please private message me by clicking on my avatar.  I will need your name, Sprint phone number and the physical location where your having these issues. 


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