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Coverage issues in Louisville, KY for over a month


Coverage issues in Louisville, KY for over a month

I started having issues in the beginning of June. I worked in Downtown Louisville at the time and service was great, never really checked at home. Then, around the first week of June, actually around the time the Evo 4G Gingerbread update went out, my clock began going back an hour or freezing during the night and I'd wake up on roaming. I restored my phone several times, no change. Reception would go from okay in some places to walking into the gamestop near my house (where I'd previously at least gotten SOME 3G data reception) only to find myself roaming with 0 bars. This is true of where I work too, with outside getting between 4 bars roaming and 2 bars of sprint depending on the day of the week. Inside the building I'll get 1 bar 3G or 0 bars roaming. No data, shoddy voice. Calls drop all the time now too and streaming is near impossible.

I called phone support 7+ times now. I was lied to several times. No misunderstandings, flat out LIES. I'm in IT. I've done smartphone support. When customer service claims to put a supervisor on the line who won't shut up about his wife's iPhone and trying to spin how Sprint is so great long enough to hear the issue, and who's conclusion is that no matter what I do I will not get any better phone service from ANYONE else (untrue, guy with Cricket sitting next to me the whole call had 5 bars, 3G, blazing fast, and was using a droid like me) I start developing questions about the competency of your phone support. In the end, he also stated that, no matter what the coverage map shows, Sprint would not guarentee that I'd get ANY coverage, especially not any coverage that matches the map. He essentially told me that Sprint didn't have to back up it's claims and I could either turn in my phone and leave (putting me out 200), accept the Airwave and have a glorified iPod Touch running android that could make calls while I'm in my room, or just deal with it.

All of these options are unacceptable.

The Sprint Store wasn't much better. Got called a liar a couple times, was told that they knew of an issue, but phone support didn't know, they didn't have any plans on reporting it, but since they had an Airwave in the back I must not be having any trouble because I had 6 bars in the store. Of course I have 6 bars, you are piggybacking your network signal off the local broadband landline connection. Durr. Fools.

Look, I had half my last bill taken off, and got a free Airwave. Considering the verbal abuse I had to deal with to get that much, they haven't been any consolation. I want some hard facts here. Is this going to be fixed soon? Does corporate know about it? What do you plan on doing to make this right by me, the consumer who feels cheated and abused by your company? Telling me to deal, live with the fact that if I cancel I'm out a phone, the $200 I spent on the phone, and all my service or just live with this suddenly crappy sub-par service is not acceptable. I'm already to the point where I feel fully justified reporting this to the FCC, but I want to give Sprint one last chance to make this right.


Re: Coverage issues in Louisville, KY for over a month

I am sending you a private message to get more accurate addresses and so I can see the network map of all of your calls.


*******UPDATED ******

See Will's post below - Sprint is aware of issues and has a ton of upgrades going into Louisville over the last month. 76478737509839  *  7272280 are all tickets for separate issues.  There have been numerous issues and capacity improvements under way. If you are having issues at home and have high speed internet call in and see if you can get an Airave - you will need to allow a few minutes for customer care to get you to technical support but I do suggest this as a temporary solution for home service. We are working on doing the right thing for the network even though it is taking a while to complete all the upgrades.

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Sprint Product Ambassador

Coverage issues in Louisville, KY for over a month

Thanks, Larry, for helping out!

There are a *ton* of towers in Louisville, KY and a quick glance at the tower map shows that many are scheduled for upgrades, improvements etc.  We are constantly monitoring our network performance and working to identify 'hotspots' that need more capacity, new towers or have ongoing problems.

Thanks for the post!

Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

Coverage issues in Louisville, KY for over a month

I am also recieving terrible coverage all over the louisville area, especially in the east end/Lake Forest area. 3G speeds are also terrible. Guess we will have to wait and see.


Coverage issues in Louisville, KY for over a month


     Do you have any estimated time frame of when these towers will recieve these upgrades and improvements?


Re: Coverage issues in Louisville, KY for over a month

I have started having data issues in Louisville recently as well.  The issue seems related to what data I'm attempting to access.

Example: trying to refresh weather data via Beautiful Widgets (through Accuweather) fails.  But accessing Facebook or Twitter works fine, although it is slow.  Trying to update TV listings via the TV Guide app fails.  But accessing the data required to play Words with Friends works fine.  It's almost as if there is a DNS outage somewhere.  Some web addresses or data connections work, some don't.  Voice seems unaffected.

This is a very recent occurrence  It started maybe 3 days ago.  It's not an issue with my phone (Nexus S) as another phone in the family (HTC Evo Shift) is experiencing the same problems.  Note that both phones had no issues like this previously.  Also note that signal strength does not appear to have changed.  The same 2-3 bars that I normally getI have continued to get.

This is VERY frustrating, obviously, as a smartphone is about more than making voice calls.

Can a Sprint rep tell us what's going on?


Re: Coverage issues in Louisville, KY for over a month

Things have gone from bad to worse.  Now I can't consistently connect to my email server (ATT via and half the images on webpages don't load.  I can't access various data via apps (pick one) and data speed is ridiculously slow.

If I connect via WiFi... shocker, everything connects and works fine.

It's very disappointing that no one from Sprint has provided any kind of update about this problem.


Re: Coverage issues in Louisville, KY for over a month


Can you answer my questions from my previous post^^? Thanks


Re: Coverage issues in Louisville, KY for over a month

Sprint Coverage NY.PNGSprint Coverage NC.PNGSprint coverage CA.PNGI know, it is very irritating that no one is helping. Going to the coverage mat and typing in places like New York City, San Francisco, Washington, and even Cary North Carolina (where my family lives) shows network imrpovement but nothing, not even one tower for Louisville. I contacted Sprint and asked if they saw any updates and they said that there were scheduled updates to a tower at 265 in the 40245 area code, he told me to go to and she walked me through on trying to show me the blue area (anticipated improved towers, updates, etc) I couldnt find it but she swore that there were scheduled updates for that tower. Heres the chat-

Your session ID for this incident   is 3186892.



07/11/2011 12:50:36PM

System: "Please wait and the   next available account specialist will be with you shortly."

07/11/2011 12:50:41PM

Session Started with Agent (Wanda   A.)

07/11/2011 12:50:41PM

System: "Thank you for   contacting Sprint. My name is Wanda A.."

07/11/2011 12:50:41PM

Lisa Iceman: "Can you look   and see if there are any network/tower upgrades scheduled for   40243/40245?"

07/11/2011 12:51:26PM

Agent (Wanda A.): "I am happy   to assist you with locating that information. Please allow me a few moments   to check this for you."

07/11/2011 12:51:49PM

Lisa Iceman: "Ok, thank   you."

07/11/2011 12:52:01PM

Agent (Wanda A.): "You are   welcome."

07/11/2011 12:54:13PM

Agent (Wanda A.): "I'm still   researching that information for you. Thanks for your patience."

07/11/2011 12:54:38PM

Lisa Iceman: "Sure   thing."

07/11/2011 12:58:32PM

Agent (Wanda A.): "Thank you   for waiting."

07/11/2011 12:59:27PM

Lisa Iceman: "Your   welcome."

07/11/2011 01:00:41PM

Agent (Wanda A.): "Tower   upgrades are scheduled to be installed in these areas. You can view this   information by visiting the link:"

07/11/2011 01:00:56PM

Agent (Wanda A.): "Please   visit this link."

07/11/2011 01:01:31PM

Agent (Wanda A.): "After that   please enter your zip code and click Map it."

07/11/2011 01:01:39PM

Lisa Iceman: "Ok, one   moment."

07/11/2011 01:01:50PM

Agent (Wanda A.):   "Sure."

07/11/2011 01:01:54PM

Agent (Wanda A.): "Please   take your time."

07/11/2011 01:02:34PM

Lisa Iceman: "Ok, I   have."

07/11/2011 01:03:36PM

Agent (Wanda A.): "Do you see   the Map Detail options on the image ?"

07/11/2011 01:03:44PM

Lisa Iceman: "Yes."

07/11/2011 01:03:56PM

Agent (Wanda A.): "Please   click on it."

07/11/2011 01:04:07PM

Lisa Iceman: "Ok."

07/11/2011 01:04:41PM

Agent (Wanda A.): "It   displays that the future towers are indicated in blue on the image."

07/11/2011 01:04:51PM

Agent (Wanda A.): "On the   image you can check for the blue locations."

07/11/2011 01:05:25PM

Agent (Wanda A.): "In those   areas future tower upgrades has been scheduled ?"

07/11/2011 01:05:56PM

Lisa Iceman: "Ok, I do not   see any of those blue logos on the coverage map."

07/11/2011 01:07:22PM

Agent (Wanda A.): "There is a   an area (265) in blue."

07/11/2011 01:07:52PM

Agent (Wanda A.): "There is   an* area (265) in blue."

07/11/2011 01:08:10PM

Agent (Wanda A.): "In this   area future tower upgrade has been scheduled."

07/11/2011 01:08:24PM

Agent (Wanda A.): "Did you   enter your zip code and click Map it ?"

07/11/2011 01:09:07PM

Lisa Iceman: "Yes. I do see   265 but I do not see the blue area, do you see any other names close to this   area that could help me locate it?"

07/11/2011 01:09:35PM

Lisa Iceman: "Or roads."

07/11/2011 01:11:35PM

Agent (Wanda A.): "The   coverage is displaying best in your area. The area (265) is indicated in   blue. It means future upgrade has been scheduled in this area."

07/11/2011 01:12:38PM

Lisa Iceman: "If you map 220   Beckley Woods Dr Louisville KY you will see I am unfortunetly in a fair   coverage area. Do you know if these upgrades will increase coverage   here?"

07/11/2011 01:13:29PM

Agent (Wanda A.): "Please   allow me a few moments to check the details."

07/11/2011 01:14:10PM

Lisa Iceman: "Thank you so   much."

07/11/2011 01:14:34PM

Agent (Wanda A.): "You are   welcome."

07/11/2011 01:16:46PM

Agent (Wanda A.): "Thank you   for waiting."

07/11/2011 01:17:27PM

Lisa Iceman: "No   problem."

07/11/2011 01:18:18PM

Agent (Wanda A.): "The tower   updates may improve coverage in your area. However, please provide me with   the details of the issues you're facing. I will mark your area. Our Network   specialists will work out to resolve the coverage issues in your area. They   may be able to set"

up new towers in your area to   enhance coverage.

07/11/2011 01:19:32PM

Lisa Iceman: "Dropped calls,   texts and calls not going through, incoming calls going straight to   voicemail. Any time frame for these upgrades to be complete."

07/11/2011 01:21:10PM

Agent (Wanda A.): "I am sorry   for the inconvenience caused to you. I am marking your area 220 Beckley Woods   Dr Louisville KY 40245 and forwarding this concern to our Network support   department."

07/11/2011 01:21:57PM

Agent (Wanda A.): "They will   work out to resolve the coverage issue soon."

07/11/2011 01:22:01PM

Lisa Iceman: "Thank   you."

07/11/2011 01:22:07PM

Agent (Wanda A.): "You are   welcome."

07/11/2011 01:24:12PM

Agent (Wanda A.): "Thank you   for waiting."

07/11/2011 01:24:35PM

Lisa Iceman: "No   problem."

07/11/2011 01:24:36PM

Agent (Wanda A.): "I have   marked your area. The incident ID is 6YEYAC."

07/11/2011 01:25:01PM

Lisa Iceman: "Thank   you."

07/11/2011 01:25:04PM

Agent (Wanda A.): "Our   Network specialists will now work out to resolve the issues you're   facing."

07/11/2011 01:25:10PM

Agent (Wanda A.): "You are   welcome."

07/11/2011 01:26:45PM

Agent (Wanda A.): "Please let   me know if I can be of more help to you over the chat today."

07/11/2011 01:27:41PM

Lisa Iceman: "Nope that was   all, have a nice day."

07/11/2011 01:27:49PM

Agent (Wanda A.): "You do the   same."

07/11/2011 01:27:58PM

Lisa Iceman: "Thanks again,   bye now."

07/11/2011 01:28:00PM

Session Ended

Sprint Coverage KY.PNGLouisville.........not one.


Re: Coverage issues in Louisville, KY for over a month

This is really shocking, but another day has passed without any change.  Data connections are still spotty; some sites load, some don't.  Data connections that are successful are woefully slow.

I really don't want to switch carriers, but I am faced with little choice unless this problem is fixed.


Coverage issues in Louisville, KY for over a month

I work in downtown Louisville and live right across the river from Louisville and am quite relieved to have found this discussion. I’m still frustrated as can be with my data connections, but at least I’ve found some explanation and am not alone. I bought the new HTC EVO 3D during the Sprint Premier presale (June 21st). I was as excited as could be. Everything was fine till I finally caught on to the fact that the reason web pages were not loading had nothing to do with a lack of a proper signal. More and more frequently web pages would not load despite full 3G service. One minute later, the page would load. It happens while I’m in downtown Louisville and it happens when I’m on the other side of the river in New Albany as well. Until I exchanged my phone yesterday evening, I believed the phone had a problem. I was shocked and ticked off when I stood there in the Sprint store with my brand new phone and still had the same problem. wouldn’t load, wouldn’t load……etc. WTF? Some sites load, some sites don’t. The ones that do not may very well load properly seconds later. I’ve experienced this problem since I got the phone last month.   While I was at the Sprint store last night I was told that there have been voice and data issues in this area and that they’re usually cleared up “within 24 hours”. Really? Then why have I had this problem for weeks, I asked. They did mention that a trouble ticket had been opened and that someone else was having the same problem. I feel far from confident believing everything that they say (considering the sales lady initially dismissed my problem). Anyway, my 30 days will end next Wednesday so I have a decision to make. My wife has the original EVO and hasn’t experienced this problem. Maybe I’d be better off with one of those. That thought raises another question…..why would tower problems only affect certain phones? Prior to activating my EVO 3D last month I had a Motorola Q 9C (about 4 years old) EVERY web page loaded EVERY time.


Re: Coverage issues in Louisville, KY for over a month

No change here.  Same problems, different day.  ZERO response from Sprint.

The sad thing is, I really DO NOT want to switch carriers.  I really don't.  But I don't see any other choice at this point.

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