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Dam Neck, VA area Coverage


Dam Neck, VA area Coverage

Can anyone tell me why Sprint doesn’t work 99% of the time in DAM NECK NAVAL BASE or its surrounding areas????? My daughter gets NO calls, NO texts, NO data!!! It sporadically works! What on earth is happening?

Sprint people, don’t tell me that you have no reported issues in that area and all is well because it’s not! Maybe users just can’t get to a customer service rep (I’m one of them) or just doesn’t know how to report it, period. 


Hi there. I took a look at the towers in the area and nothing is down at the moment. Do you have a particular cross-street in that area that is having problems so we can zoom in on the coverage and see if anything is going on in a more narrowed down area? Is she the only one on Sprint who is having issues? 


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