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Data Issues with the Samsung Galaxy S2- Zip Code 06811


Data Issues with the Samsung Galaxy S2- Zip Code 06811

I Live In Connecticut and I have the Samsung Galaxy S2... I was at a shop with my friend yesterday, she also has Sprint but has one of the HTC slide keyboard phones and she was uploading pictures to Facebook and had full service, I on the other hand had NO Data connection (this is not the first time this has happened)... Data is What I use on my phone! When I had my HTC Evo 4G a few months back, I rarely had issues with my data... What is going on with the Samsung Galaxy S2??? Why is the data AWFUL??? Especially when a phone on the same service & older than mine works???

I have only had this phone about 3 months and I'm about ready to throw it out a window! This is the 3rd time I've complained about this on here. I would have stuck with my EVO had it not Broke and had I not been told that even though I have insurance I'd have had to pay $100.00 for it to be replaced (being smart I bought a new phone and re-upped my contract, Not so smart now with the issues I'm having.)

I have been with Sprint Many Many Many Years...I've always sworn by Sprint, but not anymore... I want my Old phone back! (Never thought I'd say that.) So instead of working to get the newest phones and new technology.... how about Sprint works on a stronger Network to support the phones and customers they have Currently!

-Disappointed & Annoyed-

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