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Data outage 48858?


Data outage 48858?

I've been having 3G issues in Mount Pleasant, MI for the past few weeks.  I have contacted customer support NUMEROUS times, went to the local Sprint Store, NUMEROUS times, and was told to request a 1 month prorated refund.  Was told a note was made to my account TWICE, but every time I have contacted customer support, I have been given the run around, and apparently no note was ever made to my account.  I am getting VERY frustrated with Sprint's "Customer Service", never minding the fact I have had NO help with my THREE defective Samsung Moments.


Re: Data outage 48858?

I show:

There are no Open Events for ZipCode 48858 in the last 7 days

2 reported Closed Event(s)

for ZipCode 48858 since 8/26/2011 6:51:00 PM,

Services affected: 4G,Single Cellsite

But nothing for 3G in your zip at all. 

What exactly are your devices doing regarding 3G?  Does it just give you an error message?  Does it swich to airplane mode on it's own.(which is an issue a software update fixes)  Do you get errors when only going to certain webpages or with certain applications that use data? 

I do apologize for the trouble you have had.  If you would private message me, I will be happy to refresh the data services for your phones as well as look for the memo you spoke about.




Data outage 48858?

PM has been sent.  Thank you for your time.

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