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Data/text issues in 11413


Data/text issues in 11413

for the last few days ive had full bars on my Evo 4g but have been having issues with texting and data. Also, on my Blackberry Curve i have full bars but stay 1X...i cant send BBM messages because they just hang. are there currently any service issues in this area?


Data/text issues in 11413

I'm sorry that you're having issue with Data/Text . I checked your coverage area and there is a Network Ticket opened for cell site issue, engineers have been notified and are working to make sure issue is resolved ASAP. Ticket No : 8463355 Estimate Time Of repair is by the end of 12/26/2011 for the Data

and For  Voice /Text

Ticket No : 8464199 Estimate Time Of repair is by the end of 12/31/2011


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