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Dead Lines in LHC, AZ 86406


Dead Lines in LHC, AZ 86406

I have an EVO 4G and a Shift. Try to call out and it is just an open dead line. Neice tried to call in and she got same thing from LHC number but she was in Phoenix. I can't call in to any of the phones from land line including neice in Phoenix. I could only call out on land line successfully to 1 spring phone and it is a line on the same plan as my neices and again in Phoenix. Neice was able to call my land line only. I can text, access internet, email, call *4 and such but not the other things listed. It is very strange to say the least. Is anyone aware of an issue in the area??> Oh I was also able to call the time and temperature number successfully @ 928-453-3000. WEIRD! Thank you!


Dead Lines in LHC, AZ 86406

Can you send me your home number and a time that I can contact you? I looked in the area and do not see an outage that has been reported yet. I would need a physical address to check the cell sites in the area.


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Dead Lines in LHC, AZ 86406

well when is 4g comeing to phx ?!

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