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Delayed...delayed.. texting!!! UGH!


Delayed...delayed.. texting!!! UGH!

I'm not sure how much more I can take.  I recently got a new Reclaim for my daughter to replace an old Rumor.  Ever since the reclaim she was been recieving LATE, DELAYED and MISSED text messages.  I have stood 10 feet from her called her phone from my Nextel Blaxkberry (WHICH WORKS JUST FINE)  and her phone never rang - it silently went into her voicemail.

Many of her friends have Verizon and that seems to be the main culprit in delayed messages.  Her messages are received quickly but she will not get a reply until anywhere from 5 minutes to 24 hours later.  Friends with Sprint have the same issues when they are in our home.  This has been going on for months..  We have talked with the folks at Sprint many times. We have been to the store and talked to the reps there too.    They have been trying to help us.  Finally, today, they gave us a new phone, a Rumor 2.  We got home.....   same thing!   Didn't ring and texting was grossly delayed! 

Disgusted.... I started to search the internet.  I read about many with the same problem.  One in particular said this....

a delayed text messaging issue back when I had my Touch Pro. I did a bunch of research (switched phones, other peoples sprint phones) and came to the conclusion that it was a network and not phone related. Long story short I got fed up with the BS respones I was getting from the sprint reps so I sent a very long and detailed email to as many sprint VP's as I could and I finally got a response and talked to some guy out at corp. in Kansas that troubleshooted it and saw that it was actually the tower by my house.

My recommendation is to see if you can isolate the problem. Test to find out if it maybe only happens at your house or work. If you come to the conclusion that you only get delayed text messages when you are at home then it could very well be a tower. Also, find someone else with sprint and send a few text messages to their phone and see if they have the same problem or not.

One more tip, in my situation the reason why I wasnt getting my text messages was because the guy told me the network couldn't find my phone, so therefore when it eventually saw that I was on the network (which took anywhere from 5 mins to 24hrs later) all the text messages came through. One way to force the network to see your phone is to make a phone call. When I called my voicemail or someone else I would always get a bunch of text messages to come through.


Can anyone help?????


Re: Delayed...delayed.. texting!!! UGH!


I would love to know what VP'S you contacted regarding your phone issues. I purchased a Samsung Reclaim in August and have had the EXACT same issues as your posting...I am so frustrated. The stores in town treat me like I don't know what I am talking about. I even had a sales associate call my cell phone and then ask me what was wrong with it. When I said it doesn't ring...he said, "I just called it and it rang". I told him that wasn't the problem with it ringing..etc...etc..The assistant manager was no better. I am on my fourth model. The assistant manager is acting like the phone replacement cost is coming out of his pocket and wants to know about EVERY SINGLE PHONE that I have had issues with and if it is the same... not its not! They tell me that they have to replicate the problem. I have 2 Sprint guys standing around me when I go into this particular store..all ready to tell me their "theories" on why my phone isnt working.. OH...I am quitting Sprint and I have been with Sprint for 7 years! My mom and sister are sprint also...not for long. I just want to be heard and if you can share the VP contacts I would feel vindicated. I have a number for you as well from another posting and its a direct # for a man named William who handles "escalated" phone calls and the department is the "executive department" so feel free to share this number with other people you know having the same issue. I called the number tonight and left him and earful. I hope to hear from him....201 964 8021 William Sprint Executive Office for escalated phone calls. The delayed text messages also seem to be a problem. I told Sprint I have two other phones on this account and they do not have delayed text messaging nor do they "not ring" and just go straight into voicemail. I have a father with terminal cancer and need to have reliable phone service in case my mother or other family need to reach me and my phone not ringing is so not good and stressful, but SPRINT doesn't care. Someone this evening finally put a credit on my account to get a new model, but after hours and hours of frustrating phone calls, being treated like I was an idiot and acting like I didn't know what I was talking about, the head scratching of the Sprint manager and associate stating they never "heard" of anyone having these kinds of issues..I can go on, but I've wasted alot of energy and time and now I want the VP's to hear my voice!


Re: Delayed...delayed.. texting!!! UGH!

I'm sorry to hear you have been having so much trouble with your Sprint service, especially when you are dealing with a close relative that is so seriously ill. Unfortunately, the Sprint people (especially at Sprint-only or Sprint corporate stores) can be, shall we say it kindly, very NOT helpful, even arrogant and condescending at times. Which of course is unpleasant and unwarranted, yet many of them are that way.

I hate to rain on a parade, but my relatives with Verizon also have problems with their phones not ringing at times, and even have somewhat frequent problems with voicemail notifications that take hours or days to get to their phones. I don't know exactly why that happens, but it definitely also happens with Verizon, too.

I'm not saying you should switch to Nextel, because there are also issues with iDEN sometimes, but one thing I know for absolute certain is that since I started with Nextel almost eight years ago, as long as my phone has signal, it has NEVER failed to deliver voicemail notifications right away, and it very rarely fails to ring and goes straight to voicemail (except when there is a local emergency and the network gets swamped, but then ALL wireless networks do that same thing when they become overloaded during an emergency).

There aren't any truly reliable wireless networks in existence, they all have issues. Radio-frequency based communications will always have their share of issues, so you can never let yourself become completely dependent on them. All that said, if Nextel works well in your area, and you are the kind of person who doesn't automatically hate Nextel, you might at least give it a look as an option.

It also helps to power-cycle the phone and leave it off for five minutes before turning it back on. I'm sure you've tried that already, but it is indeed frequently helpful in clearing out the problem, whether the problem exists on the handset end or on the network end, it is always worth a try to shut down for five minutes then power back on.

Maybe there is something about that phone number on the account, a flag got set some time that gives that particular phone number or something else on the account that gives you a lower priority on the network. I know that's a long-shot, but stranger things have happened. If you are persistent and manage to connect with a knowledgable, competent CS person on the phone, they might be able to see if there is something in the Sprint network's database that identifies that particular number as a "lower priority" number, ir it thinks you are trying to use a phone that is not a legitimate Sprint phone. If you're at your rope's end, it's worth a shot to find out by calling CS and pressing them to tell you exactly why there is a problem.

Good luck, with the phone situation and the family issue.

  - Nxtl4me

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Re: Delayed...delayed.. texting!!! UGH!

I do believe that you make a good point that radio communications are not 100% accurate in providing service.  I have come to accept that and know that the "your way, right away" attitude will allow you to be unhappy with any provider.

I also see that your service has been increasingly better over the past 4 years.  While I do believe you, I am unfortunately not in that area.  It speaks on how wide the disparity is for Nextel subscribers.  I have undoubtedly experienced late, lost and failed messaging.  I have to perform numerous troubleshooting solutions for my Nextel.  I have recently contemplated giving up on my loved service.

Voice and messaging in Chicago are horrendous.  I believe the heavy traffic of the area and lack of increased support is the blame.  50% of my voice calls have interference, 90% of my text messages are delayed and phantom voicemails every now and again.  Now I always enjoy hearing other conversations during my chats (sarcasm noted), I am a little uncomfortable that I hear that conversation better than my own.

The techniques you describe are spot on.  I just hope they do not have to be routinely performed to solve the problem.



Re: Delayed...delayed.. texting!!! UGH!

hello everyone....  here's an update my horrendous delayed texting issue.  I;ve been searching the internet for months since the local Sprint folks come up empty-handed  each time I go in the vent my frustration.  I found this posting.....

" I'd tell them your phone sends text messages back/forth to Sprint phones just fine so you think that it's a network problem somewhere between Verizon and Sprint and you refuse to take it to the store.

So, an update to this. I spoke to Sprint Business support, and I gotta
say, those guys are MUCH more helpful and technically savvy than the other groups you talk to there.

They found that the messaging service hadn't been provisioned to my account properly. There was an"agent" missing which means the messages will ultimately get to my phone, but not in any timely way. They re-provisioned everything and now things are cranking."

So armed with this info...  I called Sprint and told them I wanted my phone re-provisioned.  (I didn't even know what that meant!) Yes, you have to go through the whole saga with the phone rep I rattled off the things that have already been tried to fix this and referred to the above info I found on the net...  They will need to switch you to ADVANCED TECH SUPPORT and don't be afraid to ask.   I have to admit the reps I spoke to were pretty good about it, helpful and understood my frustration... and tech support was far more knowledgeable.     When I spoke with the tech rep there he had me so through a series of checks on the phone and an error code ... think it was an error 7... keep coming up....  He said, "well that's not good".   So long story short.... they replaced the phone with a new one.  Arrived the next day and I'm almost afraid to post 'cause I don't want to jinx it.  But.... IT'S WORKING!  He did say that if it didn;t to call and they would do a reprovision on the phone.  I;m keeping my fingers crossed  Do hope this might help a few of you out there that are going through the same thing. 


Re: Delayed...delayed.. texting!!! UGH!

I HAVE THE SAME D*** PROBLEM WITH MY LG RUMOR 2! The delayed texting started when I moved back home from college! So I know it has to be a network/tower problem. I wonder if the re-provision will help. I will let you all know when I can contact them. I'm glad it's working for you though carconti.


Re: Delayed...delayed.. texting!!! UGH!


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