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EVO 3D Slow,But Samsung Epic Fast(er)


EVO 3D Slow,But Samsung Epic Fast(er)

Ok, I know Ive posted before, but I finally have a co worker in that has Sprint as well.

We are, right now, in the 14203 Zip.  On a Speedtest my Evo 3D is getting 50-90k download, His Epic is hitting 700k - on all speedtests.

When speedtest finds the closest server, my phone goes to St Catherines, Ontario - His finds NYC. 

My Question is really - Is my phone (and my wifes phone) routing to a different Internet connection and thats my main problem?   Why do my 2 EVO 3D's get sub 100k 99% of the time, and he pulls 700k?

I still have 3 weeks to decide what Im going to do - I cant keep up with this speed issue.  I just spent another hour on with your techs and they came to SAME thing they wanted before - Friday night they made me wipe the device, now they want me to wipe again ... Really?


EVO 3D Slow,But Samsung Epic Fast(er)

Yes you probably are on different Internet connections - at least part of it is.  Your authentication and account provisioning is related to two HLR (HomeLocalRegistries ) and yours and his are probably different.  Still, that is a lot of difference.  I pulled up an address on Main Street in 14203 and am not showing the area to have problems like you are having.  I know that doesn't change that you are having them and they are dramatic.  Are you using the standard browser?  What programs do you have installed?  We could try reloading the HLR's in a program called ESM.  We can also try making sure there are not any programs interfering with your data stream.  Reply to my private message and we will try reloading and analyze installed programs.


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